Professor Odom, Professor Borhan, Professor LaDuca, Professor Lunt and Professor Smith submitted an NSF-MRI proposal in 2019 for the acquisition of a new diffractometer. The center is supported by Research from >20 research groups at Michigan State University. The grant was also supported by 15 schools that the use the resources. The enhanced facility will now be better suited to serve the >15 different schools from around the country that use the facility. Most of these are non-Ph.D. granting institutions, and they are not charged for data collection in the Center or they are only charged to cover expendables (e.g., liquid nitrogen for the VT device). Figure 1 shows the location of institutions using the Center in the last 5 years. (University of Idaho was not shown to keep the figure a reasonable size.)
Figure 1 Some schools served by Center for Crystallographic Research in the last 5 years.

Due to this broad user base, the science being enabled by the Center is extremely diverse, impacting areas from growing cherries to advanced photovoltaics to new cancer therapies.

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The Center would like to thank the following for contributions to the grant:
Michigan State Professors:
Aaron Odom, Robert LaDuca, Mitch Smith, Robert Maleczka, Babak Borhan, William Wulff, Selvan Demir, Jetze Tepe, Francis Trail, Raymond Hammerschmidt, Richard Lunt, Andre Lee, Alex Zevalkink

Robert Mosey, Lake Superior State
Carolyn Anderson, Calvin College
Shannon Biros, Gran Valley State University
Ivan Aprahamian, Dartmouth College
Joel Dopke, Alma College
Ferman Chavez, Oakland University
Jame Heoshele, Eastern Michigan University
Dan Adsmond, Ferris State University
Jean’ne Shreeve, University of Idaho
Amanda Eckermann, Hope College
Hao Xu, Georgia State University
Chengfeng Ke, Dartmouth College
Adam Elkhaldy, Alabama A&M
Jennifer Hirschi, Binghamton University


Acknowledgement Statement
Funding for the Single Crystal X-ray diffractometer was provided by the MRI program of the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1919565


Reporting Requirements
Publications and presentations supported by your award must acknowledge NSF support. The suggested wording is given in the Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide (PAPPG) Section XI.E.4.a: "This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. [1919565]."