CEM 913 Section 002

Using X-ray Diffraction to Provide Answers; Theory and Practice.

The course involves the discussion of the internal symmetry and arrangement of atoms in crystals which leads to the development of space group concepts. The physical and practical aspects of the diffraction of x-ray radiation of the atoms residing in the crystal will be covered. This includes a comprehensive interpretation of the diffraction effects and the resulting interpretation and analysis of the data resulting from the experiment. The interpretation of this diffraction data accross the boundaries of single crystal, powder and macromolecular diffraction is included.

This course will provide the necessary background to operate and run the departments X-ray Instrumentation.

The searching and utilization of the Cambridge Structural Data base is also included.

This course gives a short intense discussion on the use of Powder diffraction. This course gives a short intense discussion on use of Macromoleuclar crysatllography. Introduction to Cryo-EM is also provided.

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Course Announcement

Next meeting time Spring 2023.