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Professor Dantus has pioneered the use of spectrally and temporally shaped ultrafast pulses as photonic reagents to probe molecular properties, control chemical reactions and for practical applications such as biomedical imaging, proteomics and standoff detection of explosives. His contributions range from discovery of nonlinear optical properties and processes, invention of laser optimization instruments, and development of theory to simulate and predict the interaction of molecules with shaped laser beams. Dantus’ development of an instrument capable of automated laser pulse compression is enabling research around the world as well as novel fiber laser designs. Dantus is a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors, The American Physical Society and The Optical Society of America.

Dantus received his BA and MA degrees in Chemistry from Brandeis University where he attended from 1982-1985. He received his PhD from Caltech in 1991 where he worked with A. H. Zewail on the development of Femtosecond Transition State Spectroscopy, now known as Femtochemistry (1999 Chemistry Nobel Prize to Zewail). Dantus worked from 1991 to 1993 on the development of Ultrafast Electron Diffraction. Dantus published 20 articles with Zewail during 1986 and 1993. Dantus has over 200 publications, and was named Inventor of the Year by Michigan State University given his 43 invention disclosures and 22 issued patents. Dantus regularly collaborates with different branches of the DoD, was invited to DARPA’s Scientist Helping America, Arbitrary Waveform Generation, and Program for Ultrafast Laser Science workshops.

In 2012 Dantus was invited to speak on the future of Quantum Control for the NRC Committee of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Science. Dantus has founded two companies, KTM Industries a company that manufactures biodegradable packing materials and Biophotonic Solutions, the company that is commercializing automated femtosecond pulse compression. He serves as Chairman and CTO. Dantus is also the Director of Research and Development of Total Power Inc., for which he formulated a biodegradable fuel additive for the mining industry.

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