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Syllabus for Chemistry 852 - Spring 2019 (PDF version)

ourse content:   Comprehensive Tactical Methods in Organic Synthesis. 

General Goal:      To provide an introduction to tactical methods in organic synthesis organized by functional groups.  Focus will be on the use of these reactions in designing synthesis of organic molecules.

Lecture Times:     M, W, F   9:10-10:00 AM, Room 127 Chemistry
                                  Saturday, 10:00 AM to ~12:00 to 1:00 PM, Conference Room 581 West

Course Website:   

Professor William Wulff
Phone:  353-0503
Office:  Room 530 Chemistry


Practice Problems

Alkyne Problem Bank    Key
Alkyne Problem Bank Grande    Key

Ether Problem Bank   Key
Ether Problem Bank Grande   Key

Exam Tips

Exams - 2019
Exam 1  Key

- 2018
Exam 1  Key

Proposal Assignments

Total Syntheses in 2017

    -   JACS TS
    -   Angew TS

Total Synthesis Presentations

    -   Total Synthesis of Resiniferatoxin
    -   Virosaine A
    -   Lungshengenin_D
    -   Hydroxykempenone
    -   Communesin F
    -   Palhinine A and D
    -   Lancifodilactone G Acetate
    -   Corymine
    -   Cheloviolenes A & B
   -  Sarcandrolide J and Shizukaol D
   -  Chivosazole F
   -  Wortmannin

   -  Tetracenomycin
   -  Nahuoic Acid
   -  Caribenol A

   -  Andirolide N
   -  Albocycline

   -  Himalensine A
   -  Waihoensene
   -  Aplydactone
   -  Periconianone A
   -  Lycoricidine
   -  Thapsigargin
   -  Pepluanol A

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