To facilitate the distribution of scientific information, we have provided links to PDF versions of some our our articles. This access is provided for the benefit of scientists who don't have access to the journals. Printing or photocopying of the PDF versions of these articles is subject to copyright laws.

1. Pulse shaping using MII. References: 2-3

2. Phase compensation at the sample in microscopy using MIIPS. Reference: 4

3. Control of mulitphoton processes using MII and MIIPS. References: 18-24

4. Non-linear pulse measurement with MII. Reference: 9

5. Techniques for coherent control using MII binary phase shaping. References: 10-11

6. Control of two-photon emmision using broadband laser pulses with MII and MIIPS. References: 50-52

7. Selective two-photon exciation through tissue and at different pH values using MII. References: 242, 245-247, 250

8. Selective exciation in biological systems using MII. Reference: 2

9. Adaptive pulse shaping using MIIPS to correct spectral phase. Reference: 4

10. Selective enhancement of chromophores using MII. Reference: 18

11. Phase correction using MIIPS and selective mulitphoton microscopy using MII. References: 15-16, .35

12. Mulitphton control with MII. References: 8-9