The proceedings of the 13th International Workshop "Quantum Systems in Chemistry and Physics" (QSCP-XIII) will be published in the Springer book series Progress in Theoretical Chemistry and Physics []. The previous titles in the series can be found here.

Each participant of QSCP-XIII is cordially invited to submit a contribution to the QSCP-XIII proceedings. The original deadline for submitting contributions of November 30, 2008 has been extended to January 16, 2009 for the original research papers and to February 6, 2009 for advanced review papers, provided the papers are submitted in quasi-final form, in order to speed up the reviewing and revising process. Requests for further deadline extensions will be considered only under exceptional circumstances, provided that the publication of the proceedings is not delayed. We expect the proceedings to appear during the summer of 2009.

Two types of contributions will be considered: (i) research papers related to the material presented at QSCP-XIII (typically, between about 10 and 20 pages of the Springer's format), (ii) advanced review papers related to the material presented at QSCP-XIII (typically between 20 and 60 pages of the Springer's format). All contributions will be reviewed. The editors of the QSCP-XIII proceedings volume of Progress in Theoretical Chemistry and Physics are:

The publisher, Springer, provides detailed instructions for contributing authors here . The authors who use LaTeX should use the section "Manuscript Preparation in LaTeX" and follow the link "For contributed books, proceedings, and similar (zip, 669 Kb)" to download the relevant package, titled . The authors who prefer to use Word should choose the section "Manuscript Preparation in Word". In addition, the Instruction Pack for Contributing Authors will be sent to all QSCP-XIII participants by Piotr Piecuch, and can also be downloaded by clicking here.

Contributors should send an electronic copy of their manuscript along with a cover letter containing the names and e-mail addresses of at least three referees to Piotr Piecuch at    , with a copy to Jean Maruani at    . All electronic submissions should be marked "QSCP-XIII Proceedings", both in the cover letter and in the subject line of the e-mail message. The electronic copy of the manuscript should consist of all files used for the manuscript production and be sent in the form of the preferably compressed archive (.tar, .gz, or .zip file) along with the PDF file containing the complete manuscript, which the editors will need for refereeing purposes. The cover letter may be sent as an attachment (PDF file) or a plain text in the e-mail message. At a later stage, all contributors will need to fill in an official Consent to Publish (CTP) form which will be provided in due time.

The publisher, Springer, has agreed to provide complimentary copies of the QSCP-XIII proceedings to the principal authors of contributions accepted for publication and at least 10 pages in length. Further details will be provided later.