Presentation Format

Oral Presentations

Here are some guidelines that we would like to suggest to speakers when creating their presentation for the QSCP-XIII workshop:

We strongly recommend digital (e.g., PowerPoint) presentations, although transparency presentations will also be possible. Speakers are advised to bring a copy of their digital presentation on a laptop, CD, or USB memory stick. The speakers will be able to use their own laptops, although we will also have computers available on which Microsoft PowerPoint and PDF presentations can be copied. Font problems can be reduced by embedding fonts in PowerPoint files (for PowerPoint 2003: Tools > Options > Save > Embed TrueType fonts).

Before your session begins, please identify yourself to your session chair. This will allow your session chair to know that you are ready and to inquire about the proper pronunciation of your name. You will also connect your laptop to our video projector or copy your presentation to our computers at that time, so that your presentation will be ready when the time for your presentation arrives.

Poster Presentations

Poster presentations should not occupy more than a 4 ft. by 4 ft. area.

We will provide poster boards and tape/pins to mount the posters on the poster boards.

We expect that posters may be set up a couple of hours before the beginning of your poster session. More exact details will be available at the conference.


Any questions regarding presentation format should be sent to    .