Xie Lab

Novel Quantum Materials Group

Meet the Group

Weiwei Xie

Assistant Professor
NSF Career Award (2020)
Rainmaker Emerging Scholar for Research and Creative Activity from LSU (2020)
Beckman Young Investigator (2018)

Postdoc. Princeton University (2014-2016)
Ph.D. Iowa State University (2014)
B.S. Nankai University (2010)

Email: weiwei.xie@rutgers.edu
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Current Members

Ranuri S. Dissanayaka Mudiyanselage

Graduate Student (G4)
2021 MRS Fall Meeting, Best Poster Winners (2021)

B.S. University of Sri Jayewardenpura (2018)

Email: rsd96@chem.rutgers.edu
Page at Xie Lab

Haozhe Wang

Graduate Student (G1)
B.S. Nankai University (2021)

Email: haozhe.wang@rutgers.edu
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Jose L. Gonzalez Jimenez

Graduate Student (G1)
B.S. California State University, Fullerton (2021)

Email: jl.gonzal@rutgers.edu
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Group Alumni

Yongqi Yang

Graduate Student 2021-2022 in the Xie Lab

B.S. Nanjing University (2020)

Current: Graduate Student, Rutgers University
Email: yy592@chem.rutgers.edu

Madalynn Marshall

Ph.D. 2017-2022 in the Xie Lab
DOE SCGSR (2019)
Coats Research Award (2019)

Ph.D. Rutgers University (2022)
B.S. Iowa State University (2017)

Current: Postdoc., Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Email: mm3092@chem.rutgers.edu

Xin Gui

Ph.D. 2016-2020 in the Xie Lab
Coats Travel Award (2019)

Postdoc. Princeton University (2020-2022)
Ph.D. Louisiana State University (2020)
B.S. Nankai University (2016)

Current: Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Email: xig75@pitt.edu
Page: The Quantum-Gui Lab