Xie Lab

Novel Quantum Materials Group


Frontiers of Condensed Matter Physics (FCMP)

Main Organizer: Tomo Uemura (Columbia)
Co-Hosts: Philip Kim (Harvard), Pengcheng Dai (Rice), Weiwei Xie (Rutgers), Liuyan Zhao (Michigan)

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Courses taken by graduate students in the Xie Lab

16:160:525 Chemical Thermodynamics
16:160:536 Crystal&Molecular Structure II
16:160:571 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
16:160:577 Solid-State Chemistry

16:750:501 Quantum Mechanics I
16:750:502 Quantum Mechanics II
16:750:509 Physics Applications of Computers
16:750:611 Statistical Mechanics
16:750:633 Seminar in Physics
16:750:634 Seminar in Physics