There's a lot more to
being a scientist
than doing science.

You know the experiments are important,
but don't forget to cultivate the skills that will set you apart.


American Chemical Society Women in Chemistry (ACS WiC) is the Women Chemists Committee of the Michigan State University ACS Local Section. We host monthly brown bag lunches, professional development workshops, and networking events. While we celebrate, support, and empower female chemists, our events and discussions are relevant to chemists regardless of gender, and all individuals are welcome to join us.


As a scientist and scholar, you need to present your work to a variety of audiences. We offer opportunities to practice explaining your work in a way that your family and your committee will understand.


It's intimidating to promote yourself or talk to someone you admire. It's also necessary for representing your contributions and advancing your career. Get your feet wet at one of our networking events.


Graduate school is stressful, but you have a community of friends to support you as you work towards your degree. Don't go it alone, we can connect you with resources to help you succeed.

We do really cool stuff


Our Tailgate during the 1st MSU game of the season is becoming a tradition for the whole Chemistry Department!

Meet the Speaker

We host an informal discussion with every female seminar speaker who visits our department.
Join us for the opportunity to ask questions and learn from a leader in our field.

Workshops and Professional Development

We host various workshops for the different needs of the department

Social Events

We embrace our time outside of the lab and recognize that it's necessary for maintaining our mental health. We organize exercise groups, potluck events, picnics, and other activities where you can let your hair down.

Ready to join the movement?

We've been waiting for you.