The Beck Laboratory

Professor Warren F. Beck

We investigate photophysical and photochemical processes in photosynthetic light-harvesting proteins and nanomaterials. Our current focus in the light harvesting area is on carotenoid-containing proteins, including the peridinin–chlorophyll a protein from dinoflagellates and the orange carotenoid protein (OCP) from cyanobacteria. We have recently begun a new initiative to apply broadband two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy (2DES) to study the dynamics of excitation energy transfer in intact phycobilisomes, which will allow us to understand better how intrinsic and OCP-dependent photoprotection mechanisms work. In a new project on nanomaterials, we are using 2DES to study quantum coherent exciton relaxation processes in CdSe quantum dots.


21 September 2020. New publication:

Fluorescence anisotropy detection of barrier crossing and ultrafast conformational dynamics in the S2 state of β-carotene.

Gurchiek et al., J. Phys. Chem. B 2020, 124, 9020–9046.

1 September 2020. The Beck laboratory acknowledges a new grant (award DE-SC0021197) from the BES/CSGB Solar Photochemistry Program at the Department of Energy.

1 September 2019. The Beck laboratory acknowledges renewed support (award DE-SC0010847) from the BES/CSGB Photosynthetic Systems Program at the Department of Energy .

The Beck laboratory also acknowledges a new grant (award CHE-1904655) from the Chemistry of Life Processes (CLP) Program of the National Science Foundation.

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