The Maleczka Group 2015

The Boron Group

Other Photos

Going over results in
Prof. Maleczka's office

Sparty visits the lab

Poster Session at the Wagner Symposium (East Lansing, MI)

Graduation (with John Spirit)

Post-Ph.D. Defense Champaigne

Post-Ph.D. Defense Bowling

2010 Boron in the Americas XII conference (East Lansing, MI)

2012 Boron in the Americas XIII
dinner cruise (Indiana Beach)

2008 EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award Ceremony
(Washington, DC)

Undergraduate Researchers Graduate

A Trip to the MSU Rifle Range

Skating at Munn Ice Arena

Chemistry Department's
Holiday Chili Cookoff

Cocktails at Prof. Maleczka's 50th Birthday Party

Rosario's wedding

Lansing Lugnuts Game

National Organic Symposium 2013
(Seattle, WA)

National Organic Symposium 2011
(Princeton, NJ)

National Organic Symposium 2009
(Boulder, CO)

National Organic Symposium 2007
(Durham, NC)

National Organic Symposium 2005
(Salt Lake City, UT)