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Travel Grants

The MSU Local section has funds available to provide travel support to chemistry research conferences.

Travel grants of $250.00 will be awarded to students and post-docs who are members of the MSU Local Section and have a paper accepted at a conference sanctioned by the American Chemical Society. For other members who have limited resources, there are funds that may be allocated on a case-by-case basis.

Grants will be awarded twice a year on a first come – first serve basis.  The end of the first and second cycles will coincide with the beginning of the Spring and Fall ACS National Meetings, respectively. 

Only one grant will be awarded per applicant (please don't apply if you have previously received a travel grant).

Applications will be reviewed by the MSU Local Section Executive Committee and the support decision will be delivered to the applicant by the Chair. Interested persons should contact a Local Section board member if they have questions about the grants.

MSU Students: Additional support is available through the College of Natural Sciences and through COGS.

Personal Information
Zip/Postal Code:
Are you an ACS member?

Conference Information
Title of Conference:
Title of Contribution:
Author List:
Has your contribution been accepted?
Are you the presenter?
Will your contribution be included in the proceedings? No Proceedings

Expense Information
Registration  $
Travel         $
Lodging       $
Meals          $
Other          $
Total Cost    $

Briefly explain how you view your participation in this conference as beneficial to you and your employer/adviser.


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