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Barbeque 29 June 2003  (click any image to see slide show)

Just one good moment.html
Just one good moment.jpg
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The pocket watch.html
The pocket watch
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The other good moment.html
The other good moment.jpg
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The most important business.html
The most important business.jpg
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That's a speedo!.html
That's a speedo!.jpg
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Tells from wine cellar.html
Tells from wine cellar.jpg
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Taste is good,isn't it.html
Taste is good,isn't it.jpg
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Summer time pose.html
Summer time pose.jpg
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Please don't try it on now.html
Please don't try it on now.jpg
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Manish and Dusty.html
Manish and Dusty.jpg
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Like the Doctor Evil.html
Like the Doctor Evil.jpg
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Let's guess what's inside.html
Let's guess what's inside.jpg
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Well, should I wear it righ.html
Well, should I wear it righ now
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Cory and Janell.html
Cory and Janell.jpg
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1975 Cabernet Sauvignon.html
1975 Cabernet Sauvignon.jpg
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Xiao Wu with the star of the show.html
Xiao Wu with the star of the show.jpg
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Senior supervision.html
Senior supervision.jpg
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