Configurational Nomenclature

Nomenclature of Stereocenters

The compound 3-chloro-3-penten-2-ol has four stereoisomers (two pairs of enantiomers).

In the drawing window on the left, draw a structural formula for each of the specific names given below. Indicate the configuration of each chiral center by using the wedge/hatched bond tool. When you are finished, check your answer by pressing the Check Molecule button. A help screen is available for the drawing window.
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1.  (E, 2R)-3-chloro-3-penten-2-ol

2.  (Z, 2R)-3-chloro-3-penten-2-ol

3.  (E, 2S)-3-chloro-3-penten-2-ol

4.  (Z, 2S)-3-chloro-3-penten-2-ol


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