Regio and Stereospecific Reactions

For each of the following reactions draw the starting material on the left of the arrow and, after clicking the New button, draw the product on the right. When you have finished drawing a reaction, check your answer by pressing the Check Reaction # button. Use the wedge drawing tool to indicate the configuration of stereogenic centers. Do not draw hydrogen atoms.

You have to enable Java and JavaScript on your machine !

Evaluation Window

Reaction 1.   (i)   1-Methylcyclohexene + Diborane
  (ii)   H2O2 + NaOH
Reaction 2.   1-Methylcyclopentene + HOBr
Reaction 3.   (E)-3-hexene + Br2
Reaction 4.   (E)-3-methyl-2-pentene + KMnO4
Reaction 5.   Cycloheptene + Br2
Reaction 6.   (i)   (Z)-3-methyl-2-pentene + Diborane
  (ii)   H2O2 + NaOH
Reaction 7.   (E)-3-methyl-3-hexene + HOBr
Reaction 8.   (Z)-3-hexene + KMnO4

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