Reactions of Carboxylic Acids
In this problem we shall consider four carboxylic acid reactants:
    butanoic acid         benzoic acid     cyclopentanecarboxylic acid     2,2-dimethyl propanoic acid    

These compounds may be reacted with nine different reagents:
LiAlH4 in ether
(aqueous acid workup)
SOCl2 & heat
(or PCl3 & heat)
acid catalyst , heat (–H2O)
in ether
(i) NaOH (1 equiv.)
(ii) C6H5CH2Br
Br2 & heat
PBr3 catalyst
(i) CH2N2 in ether
    (ii) 2 CH3MgBr in ether
(i) SOCl2 & heat
    (ii) 2 C6H5NH2 (aniline)
(i) SOCl2 & heat
    (ii) p-xylene & AlCl3 + heat

Select one carboxylic acid from the first group,
and one reagent from the second group.
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