Devising a Synthesis Reaction Sequence

Create a problem by selecting a problem number and pressing the Show Problem button. A starting compound and a desired product will be displayed in the drawing window, separated by an arrow and a question mark. Specific commentary will be presented in the information window beneath.
A selection of eight reagents and reaction conditions are provided to the right of the formula window. Using these reagents, you are challenged to combine them in two or more steps that will accomplish this conversion. To do so select a reagent for the first step and press the Do Reaction button to have it evaluated. The product from this reaction will be displayed in the formula window, and specific instructions for further steps will be given in the information window.
Press the Reset button before trying a new problem.


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  CO2 (dry gas), followed by H3O(+)
  KOH in alcokol, heat
  HBr (gas) in CH2Cl2
  PBr3 in ether & pyridine
  (i) B2H6 in ether, (ii) H2O2 & aq. NaOH
  C6H5CO3H (perbenzoic acid) in CH2Cl2
  Mg metal turnings in ether
  (i) Hg(OAc)2 in THF + water
        (ii) NaBH4 in aq. NaOH
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