If you believe a reaction will take place, draw the structural formula for the chief organic product using the drawing window on the right. If no reaction is expected, draw the starting alcohol structure.
Check your answer by clicking the Check Answer button under the drawing window. A response will appear in the text box below.

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In a few cases more than one organic product is formed. Write the formula for the major product from the reactant (on the left in the equation), ignoring byproducts from the reagents. If an alkoxide salt is formed, draw the alkoxide anion using the [±] tool located on the top toolbar in the drawing window. Do not draw the cationic species. When selected, this tool removes a proton from the designated atom, which then carries a negative charge. Be aware that the [±] tool toggles between adding and removing a proton, so examine your formula carefully before submission. Do not draw hydrogens, they will be shown on heteroatoms automatically.
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