Identifying Functional Groups

The compounds whose structures are shown below, are all natural substances from a variety of sources.
The questions on the right concern the functional groups that are present in these compounds, and require you to enter appropriate letters (A through H) in the answer box for each question.
Do not enter superfluous characters, since they will be counted as incorrect answers.

1. Which compounds have a carbon-carbon triple bond?
2. Which have an aldehyde or ketone carbonyl group?
3. Which have an amino group?
4. Which have a carboxylic acid (carboxyl) group?
5. Which have an ether or epoxide group?
6. Which have an ester or lactone group?
7. Which have a hydroxyl group?
8. Which have an aromatic ring?

This script written by William Reusch, Dept. of Chemistry, Michigan State University. Please send comments and corrections to