Hydrolysis Reactions

Read Instructions Carefully

The structural formulas of five compounds are drawn below. You may select any one of these by clicking the radio button below the structure.
In this problem you are asked to draw structural formulas for the organic hydrolysis product(s) of the selected compound. The hydrolysis may be carried out by heating the compound with aqueous acid or aqueous base. You should select one or the other for the Reaction Conditions, and draw products that correspond to the condition selected. In some cases there is a single major product, and in others there are two or more products. Draw structures for all the different products from a reaction. If two or more equivalents of the same product are formed only draw its structure once.
To draw a formula use the Drawing Window on the left below. More than one formula may be drawn by clicking the New button on the top toolbar in the drawing window before starting a new structure. Since some of the products may be cations or anions, you will need to use the [±] tool located on the top toolbar. When selected, this tool toggles between adding or removing a proton at a designated heteroatom, with introduction of an ionic charge.When you are finished, check your answer by pressing the Check Structures button.


Reaction Conditions:       aqueous acid           aqueous base  
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