Conjugate Acids

The structural formulas of five compounds, A through E, are drawn below. You may select any one of these by clicking the radio button beneath the structure.

Read Instructions Carefully

In this problem you are asked to draw structural formulas for the most favored conjugate acid of the selected compound. Most of these conjugate acids are stabilized by charge delocalization, so you should draw formulas for all important contributing structures (also called canonical forms) before submitting your answer. The number of expected canonical contributors is given beneath each compound's selection button.
Since the conjugate acids will be cations, you will need to use the [±] tool located on the top toolbar in the drawing window. When selected, this tool adds a proton and a positive charge to a designated heteroatom. Be aware that this action toggles between adding and removing a proton, so examine your formula carefully before submission. The same tool is used to designate a carbocation (or a carbanion) site. When drawing OH or NH groups, do not draw the hydrogen as a separate substituent by using the X button..
To draw a formula use the drawing program opened by the Drawing Window button below. More than one formula may be drawn by clicking the New button on the toolbar before starting a new structure. When you are finished, check your answer by pressing the Check Structures button.

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