Practice in Drawing Structural Formulas

The Molecular Editor is easy to use and has a help section. Structural formulas are created in the drawing window opened by the Draw Formulas button. The menu bar of the drawing window allows you to draw single, double or triple bonds and different sized rings. Hetero atoms, such as N, O, F, Cl, S & Br may be designated by the left-side menu. Do not attempt to draw hydrogens; they are automatically provided for hetero atoms. Hydrogen, metals and other elements not on the menu bar are designated by the X button, which opens a small text window in which the symbol may be entered. Stereoisomers, such as cis- & trans-2-butene, are not distinguished by this program.
Using the Drawing Window, practice drawing the structures shown on the right. When you have finished drawing a structure, check it by pressing the Check Molecule # button.

You have to enable Java and JavaScript on your machine !

Evaluation Window

Example 1. CH3(CH2)3CH(CH3)2

Example 2.

Example 3.

Example 4. *

Example 5.

* The editor also accepts a nitro group representation having two N:O double bonds, even though this violates the octet rule.
A new version of the Molecular Editor handles stereoisomerism. To practice drawing with this Editor Click Here.

JME Molecular Editor v2002.05 by: by Peter Ertl
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