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The following four displays may not function well on all browsers and platforms. Since the Virtual Text makes intermittent use of them, it is recommended that you check their performance on your computer before proceeding. You should draw the formula of cis-1,3-dichlorocyclohexane in the Editor to determine if it is functioning properly.
Distances and angles in Jmol models are easily determined. To measure a distance, double-click on two atoms. To measure a bond angle, do a double-click, single-click, double-click on three atoms. To measure a torsion angle, do a double-click, single-click, single-click, double-click on four atoms. Distances are given in nanometers. A pop-up menu of commands may be accessed by clicking the right button on a PC or a control-click on a Mac while the cursor is inside the display frame.

Jmol Display
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This cis-1,3-dichlorocyclohexane model may be moved about by click-dragging the cursor over the display. The display may be altered by the buttons under the model.
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