Interesting & Informative Web Sites
WebElements An interactive periodic table.
Stanford's Swain Library A collection of useful data tables, calculators and modeling tools..
NIST WebBook A thermodynamic and spectroscopic database.
SI Units A useful list of SI units (in German).
Data Tables Data for General, Organic, and Physical Chemistry
IUPAC Rules IUPAC Nomenclature Rules.
IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology A useful site for definition searching.
Glossary for Organic Chemistry A useful site for definition searching.
Spectra Data Base A large collection of MS, NMR, IR, Raman & ESR spectra.
SpectralCalc A nice collection of spectroscopy tools..
Spectroscopy Problems Unknowns requiring the interpretation of MS, NMR & IR spectra. An Excellent Site from Notre Dame.
NMR Spectroscopy Problems An outstanding collection of unknowns requiring the interpretation of nmr spectra (some ir). Compiled at UCLA.
NMR Spectroscopy Problems NMR tutorials and problems. Compiled at the University of Sydney.
Spectroscopy Problems A NMR tutorial and problems involving MS, NMR & IR spectra. Prepared at Imperial College.
NMRShiftDB A NMR database, hosted by the Max Planck Institute of Chemical Ecology in Jena.
NMR Spectroscopy-A Virtual Text The finest on-line NMR tutorial I have seen.
TeleSpec An Infrared Database and Simulation Resource.
Organic Chemistry Portal An extensive collection of resources useful to organic chemists.
Named Reagents A large list of named compounds, reagents, catalysts and solvents.
Organic Name Reactions I An indexed listing of named organic reactions from Organic Chemistry Portal.
Organic Name Reactions II A listing of named organic reactions from MonomerChem Inc.
Organic Name Reactions III A listing of named organic reactions from ChemPen software
Organic Name Reactions IV A listing of named organic reactions from Univ. Conn.
Organic Name Reactions V A very nice collection of name reactions with mechanisms, from Cedric Brule
Organic Name Reactions VI A list of name reactions from ecompound.
Microwave Acceleration Another listing of named organic reactions improved by microwave technology
The Dundee PRODRG2 Server Draw and create models of small molecules.
Organic Chemistry Resources A well-organized set of organic chemistry links.
World Wide Web Library A Liverpool web resource.
Imperial College A nice chemistry site from the Imperial College Chem. Dept.
Virtual Chemistry A useful site from Oxford.
Organic Reaction Quizes A very nice summary and helpful quizzes covering basic organic reactions. Towson University
ConcepTest Questions I A question bank from J. Chem. Ed.
ConcepTest Questions II More multiple choice questions for ConcepTest use (Uiv. Wisconsin).
Organic Chemistry OnLine A nice set of instructional pages by Paul Young, Univ. Illinois Chicago
Curved Arrow Use A nice curved arrow tutorial from the University of Aberdeen .
Molecular Visualization A world index of molecular visualization resources.
Richaed Spinney's Chemistry Pages A Wonderful Collection of Resources.
Symmetry Gallery A very nice collection of examples by Dean Johnston at Otterbein.
Interactive Organic Chemistry A broad collection of topics, using 2D & 3D animations.
Animations & Movies A useful collection of animation links collected by Dr. Gabor Lente.
Berry Pseudorotation A nice discussion and illustration of pseudorotation.
Minerals and Molecules The Wisconsin minerals and molecules project.
Crystal Structures A large collection of Crystal Structures.
BioChem Hub An Online Biology and Chemistry Education Center.
Biomolecular Tutorials An excellent collection of Chime based tutorials & resources.
Molecular Models for Biochemistry Instructional tutorials and quizes from Carnegie Mellon University
PDB Browser Examining the resources of the Protein Data Bank
Protein Classification Structural relationships between proteins (Cambridge)
Polymers and Liquid Crystals Maintained by Case Western Reserve University
Fachbereich Chemie A comprehensive site at Freien Universitat Berlin.
Global Instructional Chemistry Links to instructional tools for chemistry.
History A site devoted to the history of chemistry.
Cambridge Soft A list of searchable databases from Cambridge Soft Corp.
Chemical Safety & Toxicity Part of the Cambridge Soft Corp. database.
FDA Food safety & applied nutrition.
Aldrich-Sigma Catalog An on-line version of the Aldrich catalog.
ACS Web Page The home page of the American Chemical Society.