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Max Tofield Rogers (January 12, 1917-October 22, 1985), a native of Alberta, Canada, was professor of physical chemistry at Michigan State University from 1946 to 1984. Always keen on new instrumental techniques and the types of information that they could give concerning molecular structure, he designed and built the first NMR machine (40 MHz) at MSU, in the Kedzie Chemical Laboratory in 1956. He also built, assembled or secured the first ENDOR, quadrupole resonance, and electron spin resonance spectrometers at MSU. It is fitting, therefore, that the MSU NMR facility be dedicated in his memory. Furthermore, a distinguished lectureship, the Max T. Rogers Lectureship, is also named in his honor. Since 1949, this lectureship has hosted more than 50 outstanding professors including 12 Nobel Laureates.
an old image of Max T. Rogers in front of a NMR Spectrometer old image of Max T. Rogers helping a student with NMR


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