State-of-the-art instrumentation to examine the structure, dynamics, and function of biologically important macromolecules


Facility Location

The new Biomolecular NMR Building on the MSU campus was designed as an addition (D-wing, Room D101) to the existing Engineering Research Complex (ERC), which is located South of Clinical Center and East of Bogue Street, East Lansing, MI 48824-1326. In addition to a large NMR instrument room, the new building has a sample preparation room (D122), an electronics room (D124), and a computer/conference room (D127).

Directions to the NMR Building: There are several routes to MSU in East Lansing. For instance, if driving from Detroit, proceed west on I-96 to northbound US-127 and follow US-127 north to East Lansing. After getting off the freeway 496/127 at Exit # 9 toward Trowbridge Rd (Michigan State University), proceed straight past Harrison Rd to enter the MSU campus. Follow Trowbridge as it becomes Red Cedar Rd and continue around the left-hand curve to the light at Wilson rd. Turn right on Wilson and proceed ot the second light at Bogue St. Turn right at Bogue. Continue to the end of Bogue past Service Dr. At the end of Bogue St turn on left to the East and then turn on right at the 3-way stop sign into Parking Lot # 97. Enter the Building (Engineering Research Complex) from the door in the C-wing (in the East of the Parking Lot), follow the signage of MSU Biomolecular NMR Facility until reaching Room D101, push the button beside the door and call in for entrance. If heading into Service Rd from Hagadorn Rd (East side of the campus), turn on left at Bogue St to South and then follow the same route.

Parking Permit: Parking at Lot #97 is $6 per day per car for visitors. Off-campus users should purchase the permit before heading to the NMR facility. Parking permits can be purchased at MSU Police and Public Safety Department, which is located around the corner between Red Cedar Rd and Trowbridge Rd.


map of location of 900 Facility

Location of NMR Facility

D101 Research Complex - Engineering
East Lansing, MI 48824-1326






NMR building
900 NMR
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