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Max T. Rogers NMR Incident Report

Help us track problems with our NMR spectrometers. Please use this form any time you experience problems with the instruments. The information you provide is vital for maintaining and improving the quality of the facility. THANKS!

NOTICE:This Form is Currently unavailable for submission. Please use the printable pdf version (Click HERE to get the pdf version), which was generated by D. J. Osborn.

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SAMPLE BROKEN IN PROBE: This must be reported as soon as possible to minimize damage to probe. Do not attempt to remove sample! Please contact NMR staff immediately (call 792 or 386, 387). If staff is unavailable, leave message at 386 or 387, log-off the instrument. and hang sign on monitor stating;'BROKEN SAMPLE: DO NOT USE INSTRUMENT'.

does not spin does not lock
unresponsive to commands will not eject/inject
su acqproc does not work experiments are locked
shimming is poor poor signal/noise
spinner has no sample other:

Attempted Fix:


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