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2010–2011 Organic Seminar Schedule & CEM 958 Instructions & Templates

Seminar Time:
     Wednesdays 3:00–4:30 pm, room 136 Chemistry Building

Course Website:   

An archive of student seminars from previous years is available at:   


Professor Robert E. Maleczka, Jr.  
phone: 355-9715 x124
office hours: by appointment (540 Chemistry)

Seminar Secretary:

Ms. DeAnn Pierce

Instructions & Templates:

a handout on the instructions, rules, and suggestions for all students giving an organic seminar in the 2010-2011 academic year click here (PDF)

For a power point slide that can be used as a template for the preparation of your slides click here (ppt)

For a ChemDraw slide that can be used as a template for the preparation of your schemes click here (cdx)

Tentatative Schedule:

To down load the current 2010-2011 organic seminar schedule click here (PDF)

FALL 2010

September 1

September 8 Dr. Jingjun Yin
Professor Huang Towards Asymmetric Manufacturing Routes to Complex Drug Candidates
September 15 Professor Rosetta Reusch
Michigan State University
Professor Borhan
A Chemist's Adventures in Microbiology Land
September 22 TBD

September 29 Professor Richard G. Blair
University of Central Florida
Professor Poltavets Mechanocatalysis for the Realization of Chemicals from Biomass
October 6
Professor Armen Zakarian
UC Santa Barbara
Professor Borhan Synthesis and Biology of
Spiroimine Toxins
October 13 Professor Paul Erhardt
University of Toledo
Professor Huang Directing Drug Distribution:  Avoiding Multidrug Resistance while Targeting Cancer Cells
October 20 Micah Luderer
Professor Tepe
From Racemate to Enantiopure Compound:  Recent Applications of Dynamic Kinetic Asymmetric Transformations
October 27 Ipek Yapici
Professor Borhan
RNA Nanopuzzles
November 3
7:00 pm
Room 581E
Professor R. B. Woodward
Harvard University
(Special time & place: 7:00 pm, Room 581E)
Professor Maleczka The Total Synthesis of Cephalosporin
November 10 Xin Zhang
Professor Wulff
Selective sp3 C-H Hydroxylation
November 17 Chun Ho (Jason) Lam
Professor Jackson
"Forbidden 1,2-Carbanion Shifts" - Mechanism and Application of the Fritsch-Buttenberg-Wiechell Rearrangement
November 24 Wenjun Zhao
Professor Wulff
Recent Developments of
Decarboxylative Coupling

December 1 Nishanka Dilini Ratnayake
Professor Walker

Peptide-Based Asymmetric

December 8
Ruth Muchiri
Professor Walker
RGD Tumor Targeting Conjugates

(Student seminars will be uploaded within a week after their seminar, clicking on the title will down load that student's presentation as a pdf file)

Spring 2011

January 12
Max T. Rogers Lectureship
Professor Ann McDermott
Columbia University
Professor Weliky
1/12 - Shifting Shapes - How to See a Protein's Moves
1/13 - Choreography of an Ion Channel in Bilayer Membrane:  An NMR Study of KcsA
January 19 Meisam Nosrati
Professor Geiger
Alkyne (Diyne) Metathesis - Catalyst Development and Application in Total Synthesis
January 26
Herbert Kavunja
Professor Huang
Molecular Logic Gates:  Synthesis and Application in Photodynamic Therapy
February 2 campus closed due to snow

talk rescheduled for 3/30/11
February 9 Greg Spahlinger
Professor Baker Recent Advances in High Nitrogen Energetic Materials
February 16
Zhe Jia
Professor Baker Recent Developments in Copper-Catalyzed Oxidative Coupling Reactions Using Oxygen as the Oxidant
February 23 Professor Tom Driver
Univ. of Illinois - Chicago
Professor Maleczka Transition Metal-Catalyzed Synthesis of N-Heterocycles from Azides - Relationship Between Mechanism and Metal
March 2 Professor Peter Andreana
Wayne State University
Professor Huang
Entirely Carbohydrate Vaccine Constructs and their Application in Probing Glycoimmunology
March 9
Professor Webster Santos
Virginia Tech
Professor Borhan
Organoboron:  Synthesis and Application in Disrupting RNA/Protein Interactions in HIV-1
March 16
Rosario Amado
Professor Maleczka
Learning About Recent Reactions from the Mistakes of Others
March 23 Professor Eran Pichersky
University of Michigan
Professor Walker
How Plants Have Evolved the Ability to Synthesize so Many Compounds
March 30
Ke Qu
Professor Tepe
Waste as Catalyst in Domino Processes
April 6 Heyi Hu
Professor Baker
Development and Application of Shape Memory Polymers
April 13
Professor Brandon Ashfeld
University of Notre Dame
Professor Maleczka Harnessing Masked Electrophilicity:  Alternative Strategies for Selective Carbonyl Functionalization
April 20
Professor Weiming Li
Professor Maleczka Cheap Perfumes, Instant
Chemistry and Short Flings in
An Ancestral Animal
April 27

(Student seminars will be uploaded within a week after their seminar, clicking on the title will down load that student's presentation as a pdf file)