Chemistry 355 - Summer 2018 

Course Content:   Organic Chemistry Laboratory I


Instructor:  Prof. Kevin D Walker

Organic Chemistry Laboratory Techniques

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Learn the principles of distillation similar to those used
 in the large stills at Red Cedar Spirits (E. Lansing, MI) and
 petroleum (gasoline) processing.


Learn the physical properties of organic molecules that
 interact characteristically with electromagnetic radiation.

Melting points:

Melting points of solids answer key questions about
 your isolated products and inform the pharmaceutical industry
 on the drugs they develop.


This technique is a simple, naturally occurring process used
 in the chemical industry to purify commodity chemicals on
 large scale.


This solid-support technique is typical in the pharmaceutical
 and food industries to separate, for example, chiral molecules.

Measure physical properties:

Physical properties of organic molecules, as you learned in class,
include melting and boiling points, absorbance, NMR, etc.
Here the different instrumentation used to measure
these physical properties will be introduced.


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