CEM 956 Fall Semester 2010
Heterocyclic Chemistry
Jetze J. Tepe

Class time: MW 12:40-2:00PM

Room: 287

Recommended Texts: No textbooks are required. Handouts of the material will be given throughout the course when needed, however addition reading is strongly recommended! The following books will be very valuable for the class and throughout your career as an organic chemist:

  1. Heterocyclic Chemistry, Fourth Edition by J.A. Joule and K. Mills.
  2. Contemporary Heterocyclic Chemistry, Syntheses, Reactions and Applications. By George R. Newkome and William W. Paudler.

Purpose of this course: This course is designed to give you a quick review and understanding of traditional and modern synthetic reaction mechanisms and principles involving heterocyclic molecules. The course will cover the synthesis of non-aromatic and aromatic heterocyclic ring systems.

Exams: Grades will be based on a presentation 25% (20 minutes), mid-term (25%) and a final exam (50%). The topic of the presentation will be discussed during the lecture periods but will involve a short review of a name reaction concerning heterocycles.