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Modern Nuclear Chemistry

Lectures: Mo., We., Fr. 1:50 -- 2:40   -- Chemistry Building, Room 85 --

First Lecture: Monday, January 11th, 2o1o

  • Course Overview
  • Lecture Schedule&Syllabus

  • Homework Problems (Winter, 2o1o)
    Problem Set 1 Problem Set 2 Problem Set 3

    Problem Set 4

    Problem Set 5
    Answers (pdf) Answers (pdf) Answers (pdf) Answers (pdf) Answers (pdf)
    Problem Set 6 Problem Set 7 Problem Set 8 Problem Set 9  
    Answers (pdf) Answers (pdf) Answers (pdf) Answers (pdf)  

  • Present Exams :
  • Winter, 2o1o  
    Practice and Answers (pdf)

    Practice 2 and Answers (pdf)

    Exam 1, Answers (pdf) and Scores Exam 2 , Answers (pdf) and Scores

    Practice problems will be assigned on the material in the textbook, several problem sets will be assigned during the course. There will be TWO in-class examinations as listed in the Lecture Schedule


    This course is offered by the Michigan State University   Dept. of Chemistry

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