Text Box: American Chemical Society Women in Chemistry (ACS WiC) was founded at Michigan State University in the fall of 1997 to give support to women in science and to address their needs and concerns.  The group is supported by the Michigan State University Local Section of the ACS.  The mission is to provide a venue for women chemists to meet and interact and to facilitate both their professional and personal growth.  We address issues that affect women chemists by holding an annual kick-off meeting at the beginning of each academic year for the brainstorming of new ideas.  In the past, we have scheduled monthly brown bag lunches, held workshops, and sponsored women seminar speakers into our department.  Our group also schedules regular social activities that form a stronger bond and commitment to Women in Chemistry that lasts long after graduate school.  We believe that our organization has been very successful in providing a supportive environment for the women in our group.

For more information about ACS WiC, please email us. 
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