Introduction and Guide to Viewing this Collection


The images contained in this portion of the QSCP-XIII Web site captures some of the activities and details of the workshop. Paticular effort was taken to capture photos of the attendees. The most extensive collections of images of identified individuals are contained in the Talks pages and The Banquet page.

Guide to Viewing This Collection

In order to facilitate access to these Web pages, the material has been divided into sets of pages and multiple resolutions of each image have been included. The thumbnail images that you see by default are 160 pixels along the long edge. A somewhat higher resolution version of a particular image can be viewed by clicking on the "800" below that image. These medium resolution images have 800 pixels along the long edge. For some images, a higher resolution version is also provided as indicated by "1200" appearing below the image. Click on the "1200" to see the higher resolution version which will have 1200 pixels along the long edge. However, be aware that your monitor may not have sufficient resolution to display the higher resolutions without the need to scroll to view the whole image.

Higher resolution versions of these images are available if desired, and can be obtained by contacting the local organizing committee at    .

The column labeled "Date" contains the date when the image was captured.

The column labeled "P" contains a code that identifies the photographer of the image. DN indicates images captured by T V Atkinson with a Nikon D80. N indicates images captured by T P Carter or P A Reed with a Nikon D70S.

The column labeled "Location" contains the location at which the image was taken.

The column labeled "Description" contains information about the content of the image.

For best results, view the pages and the higher resolution images with your display set to "16 Million Colors" or "True Color."