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MSU-R:CHEM 2014 Photos (2014,   2013,   2012 and  2011 Photos)
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MSU-R 2014 participants 



Dr. Brian Toby (Argonne National Laboratory)
“100 years of Crystallography, 98 years of Powder Diffraction”


Prof. James Jackson (MSU)
“Building block chemistry for the renewable refinery of the future: A path to organic reaction discovery?”

Poster Session Award Winners

Analytical Chemistry
Elisse La Roche (University of Illinois at Chicago)
"Corn Seedling Growth in 1.810–7 M core/shell Cadmium Selenide-Zinc Sulfide QD Solution"

Organic Chemistry
Lauren Messer  (Hope College)
"Next Generation Quinazolinespirohexadienone Photochromes for Application as Photochromic Photooxidants"

Materials Chemistry

Michael Nicholl (Ohio State University)
"Engineering Self-Assembling Peptide Amphiphiles for Cancer Imaging"

Poster Sessions


Sarah Lockwood (MSU)
"3D Printing as a Platform for In Vitro Pharmacokinetic Models"













Inorganic Chemistry
Katherine Coburn (Grand Valley State University)
"Investigation of a Novel Multi-dentate Ligand for Extraction of f-elements"

Physical Chemistry
Fariha Mahmood (McMaster University)
"Rapid, Switchable Self-trapping of Laser Light in a Spiropyran-functionalized Hydrogel"

Payton Weidenbacher (University of Chicago)
"Low Input 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine Mapping Using Transposase"













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