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This page is a work area in which information about every person in the MSU Chemical Genealogy charts is gathered and evaluated. The references to several chemical genealogy sources, including those available on the WWW in addition to reference books, are listed on the previous page.

The last line for each individual, in bold font and labeled "display:", shows the text to be displayed on the MSU Chemistry genealogy web pages for the individual.

This page will always be a work in progress. Please let us know of any errors, or additional opinions or evidence, by e-mailing us at: .

Tabor, Elbert Cecil
 - We (after McCarty) show: E C Tabor (____-____) (PhD ____, ) (MSU ____-____)
 - Mainz does not include Tabor
 - American Men & Women of Science, 12th Ed, page 6269, shows: "Tabor, Elbert C(ecil)"
     and that he was at MSU 1930-40 as a chemistry instructor and 1940-46 as an
     assistant professor of biochemistry.
 - Biography and Genealogy Master Index shows: "Tabor, Elbert C (1906- )" with
     1 citation.
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: auth=tabor, 1800-1980
 - E-mail from Ed Tabor (son of Elbert C Tabor) 6 Oct 2006: "Just for your information, Elbert C Tabor died June 6, 1987"
 - J Bacteriology has one article (J Bacteriol. 1953 December; 66 (6): 664-670)
     with an author Elbert C. Tabor at the institution: Environmental Health
     Center, United States Public Health Service, Cincinnati, Ohio
 - Mathematics does not include: Tabor, E
 - MSU Chemistry personnel files show: Tabor: birth 1907, start 1930, end 1946,
     degree: MS 1930 Kansas, position: Instructor
 - NDSU does not include Tabor
 - SciFinder shows an Elbert C Tabor with publications 1953-1976 in the field of
     atmospheric contamination (same subjects and dates as for E C Tabor).
 - UConn does not include Tabor
 - YorkU does not include Tabor
Display: Elbert Cecil Tabor (1907-1987) (MS 1930, Kansas) (MSU 1930-1946)
         [preceptor: ]

Tanis, Steven Paul
 - We (after McCarty) show: Steven P Tanis (1952-____) (PhD 1979, Columbia U)
     (MSU ____-____) (none)
 - Mainz does not include Tanis
 - DisAbs shows: Tanis, Steven Paul|PhD|1979|Columbia U|
    Chemistry, Organic|"I. The synthesis of some drimane sesquiterpenes. II. The
    structure of harrisonin - an antifeedant limonoid from an east African
    medicinal plant. III. Structural studies on the defensive secretions of
    trinervitermes gratiosus, T. bettonianus, and nasutitermes kempae soldier
    termites. IV. A convenient preparative scale synthesis of stereochemically
    pure retinoids."|
 - Mathematics does not include: Tanis
 - MSU Chemistry personnel files show: Tanis: start 1980, end 1986
 - NDSU does not include Tanis
 - SciFinder shows Tanis' first 5 papers (1976-1979) all have Koji Nakanishi as
     a co-author.  Paper 1 (1976), 2 (1976), 3 (1977), 4 (1978) have titles that
     are very closely related to thesis title.  Is very likely that Nakanishi
     was Tanis' PhD preceptor.
 - UConn does not include Tanis
 - YorkU does not include Tanis
Display: Steven Paul Tanis (1952-____) (PhD 1979, Columbia) (MSU 1980-1986)
         [preceptor: Koji Nakanishi]

Tartar, Herman Vance
 - Mainz does not include Tartar
 - DisAbs shows: Tartar, Herman Vance|PhD|1920|U Chicago|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - email from Elizabeth Nielsen, Senior Staff Archivist, Oregon State University
     Archives 25Mar2002 states, in part "According to Tartar's personnel file,
     he resigned from Oregon Agricultural College on 31 March 1918 to accept a
     position at the Univ. of Washington ... he was a graduate student in
     chemistry at the University of Chicago in the summer of 1908. ... Tarter
     earned his BS from OAC in 1902 ... In 1916 and 1917 he earned his PhD at
     the University of Chicago ... he was on leave of absence from here during
     the 1916/1917 and 1917/1918 academic years -- perhaps he was attending the
     University of Chicago during that time ..."
 - email from Melinda Moore, Chemistry Department at the University of Chicago
     04Apr2002 states, in part "I have received the transcript of Dr. Herman
     Vance Tartar from our Registrar.  The transcript shows that Dr. Tartar
     completed a dissertation entitled 'The Constitution of Murexide and the
     Theory of Alyes' under Prof. Stieglitz.  He passed his Final Examination
     for the PhD Magna Cum Laude on August 20, 1920.  The degree was conferred
     September 3, 1920."
 - letter from E. C. Lingafelter to Donald L. Ward 20Oct1982 states, in part
     "Herman Vance Tartar|born 4 January 1882|PhD, University of Chicago, 1920|
     died January, 1968|"
 - International Genealogical Index, v4.02 shows: "Herman Vance Tartar|sex: M|
     birth: 4 Jan 1882 Pendee, Polk, Oregon| ..."
 - Mathematics does not include: Tartar
 - NDSU does not include Tartar
 - US Social Security Death Index shows: "Herman Tartar|birth date: 4 Jan 1882|
     death date: Dec 1967|... death residence ... Seattle, King, Washington"
display: Herman Vance Tartar (1882-1967) (PhD 1920, Chicago)
         [preceptor: Julius Oscar Stieglitz]

Taylor, H Austin
 - SciFinder shows Taylor began to publish in 1925 without co-authors until 3rd
     paper in 1927.
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Taylor or Austin, 1800-1940
 - Article by Mary Jo Nye [ ]
     POLANYI IN MANCHESTER" (Revised version of a paper presented at the
     University of Manchester, 23 May 1995) contains a note: "28. H. Austin
     Taylor and Hugh S. Taylor were brothers who took Ph.D. degrees in physical
     chemistry at Liverpool. M. G. Evans went to Princeton in 1933 to work with
     Hugh S. Taylor."  This note was to a paragraph: "Manchester, like Berlin,
     was a site of regular visitors by foreigners in the early decades of the
     1900s.  During the forced Jewish exodus from central Europe during
     1933-1934, Hans Bethe and Rudolf Peierls were in Bragg's Manchester
     laboratory for a time before Bethe moved to Cornell University and Peierls
     went over to the Cavendish and then took a post in Birmingham.[27] As
     suggested above, there were close connections between Manchester and
     Princeton University through the Hungarians Wigner and von Neumann, as well
     as through Henry Eyring and the British-born and educated Hugh Taylor.[28]"
 - emailed Prof. Mary Jo Nye (Oregon State) for possible info.  She replied that
     she had no further information.
 - emailed head of department at Liverpool for possible info.  [no response]
 - title page of "Elementary Physical Chemistry", Hugh S. Taylor and H. Austin
     Taylor, van Nostrand: New York 1942 -- shows for HAT: "PhD (Liverpool),
     Professor of Physical Chemistry, New York University".  Note that the
     copyright dates are 1927, 1937, 1942 and last printing date is 1948.
 - article "Chemical kinetics and the radiation hypothesis" in Journal Archive
     for History of Exact Sciences, Publisher: Springer Berlin / Heidelberg,
     ISSN 0003-9519 (Print) 1432-0657 (Online), Issue: Vol 30, No 1 / March, 1984, 
     DOI 10.1007/BF00348434, Pages 45-86, author: M. Christine King1 and Keith
     J. Laidler, Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Research and Graduate Studies in
     Chemistry, University of Ottawa, KIN 9B4 Ontario, Canada.  Contains 
       "...H. AUSTIN TAYLOR, who like his older brother HUGH STOTT (later Sir HUGH)
       TAYLOR (1890--1974) had taken his Ph.D. degree in McC. LEWIS'S department
       of physical chemistry at Liverpool University.  AUSTIN TAYLOR had in fact
       carried out his research under LEwls's direction and had published a paper
       with him..."
     Available on the WWW at the URL: 
 - book "A System of Physical Chemistry" by William C. McC. Lewis, M.A. (R.U.I.),
     D. Sc. (Liv.), F.R.S., Brunner Professor of Physical Chemistry in the 
     University of Liverpool, has the Preface to 4th Edition of Volume II dated
     May 1925.  Available on the WWW at the URL:
 - lecture "Physical chemistry and scientific thought.  An inaugural lecture
     delivered at the University of Liverpool on Friday, 16 January, 1914",
     author: Lewis, William C. Mc> (William Cudmore McCullagh), b. 1885, available
     on the WWW at the URL: 
Display: H Austin Taylor (    -    ) ( - , Liverpool)
         [preceptor: William Cudmore McCullagh Lewis]

Tepe, Jetze J 
 - We (after McCarty) show: Jetze J Tepe (1968-____) (PhD 1997, U Virginia)
     (MSU ____-____) (none)
 - Stein received 11/26/01 an email from Tepe which stated his preceptor
     was MacDonald
 - verified: Jetze J Tepe (1968-____) (PhD 1998, Virginia)
     (MSU 2000-____) [preceptor: Timothy Lee MacDonald]
 - Mainz does not include Tepe
 - DisAbs shows: Tepe, Jan-Jetze Pieter Marcus|PhD|1998|U Virginia|
     Advisor: Timothy L. MacDonald|Chemistry, Organic; Biology, Molecular; 
     Biology, Genetics|(title)|(abstract)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Tepe
 - NDSU does not include Tepe
 - UConn does not include Tepe
 - YorkU does not include Tepe
(how to best display name??)
Display: Jetze J Tepe (1968-____) (PhD 1998, Virginia) (MSU 2000-____)
         [preceptor: Timothy Lee MacDonald]

Thenard, Louis Jacques
   [Armstrong, Crouch, Dye, Enke, Hart, Popov, Reusch, Tepe, Timnick]
 - McCarty (1969) shows: L. Thenard|1777-1857|J. Vauquelin
 - We (after McCarty) show: L. Thenard (1777-1857) ( ) Vauquelin
 - Mainz shows: Thenard, Louis Jacques|1777-1857|MA|1797|Paris|Vauquelin
 - Davidson shows: Louis Thenard|Paris|1797|Vauquelin
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Thenard
 - Mathematics does not include: Thenard
 - NDSU does not include Thenard
 - UConn does not include Thenard
 - USF shows: L. J. Thenard|Paris|1797|Vauquelin
 - YorkU shows: Thenard, Louis Jacques|Louis Nicolas Vauquelin|1790's (no deg.)|
Display: Louis Jacques Thenard (1777-1857) (MA 1797, Paris)
         [preceptor: Louis Nicolas Vauquelin]

Thomson, Joseph John 
 - We (after McCarty) show: (nothing - Thomson not included)
 - Mainz shows: Thomson, Joseph John|1856-1940|BA (mathematics)|1880|Cambridge|
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Thomson, Joseph
 - Mathematics shows: J. J. Thomson|PhD|||advisor: (unknown)|student: Ernest
     Rutherford (received his degree at Cambridge)
 - NDSU does not include Thomson
 - NotreD-Physics shows: Joseph John Thomson|Cambridge (Trinity)|BA|1880|(none)
 - UConn does not include Thomson
 - YorkU shows: Thomson, John Joseph|Edward John Routh|1880 (BA)|Cambridge
Display: Joseph John Thomson (1856-1940) (BA - Math 1880, Cambridge)
         [preceptor: Edward John Routh]

Thorpe, Jocelyn Field
   [J Jackson]
 - We (after McCarty) show: (nothing - Jocelyn Thorpe not included)
 - Mainz shows: Thorpe, Jocelyn Field|1872-1940|PhD|1895|Heidelberg|Auwers
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Thorpe, Jocelyn
 - Mathematics does not include: Thorpe, Jocelyn
 - NDSU shows: Jocelyn Field Thorpe|PhD|Heidelberg|1895|Auwers
 - NotreD shows: Jocelyn Field Thorpe||Heidelberg|1895|Karl Frederich von Auwers
 - OpenU shows: Thorpe: Jocelyn Field|1872-1940|PhD|1895|Heidelbert U|
     worked with: Victor Meyer; Auwers
 - UConn shows: Thorpe, Jocelyn Field (1872-1940; England) [Heidelberg; with
     von Auwers]
 - UMass shows: Thorpe, Jocelyn Field|Heidelberg|1895|Auwers
 - USF shows: Jocelyn Field Thorpe|Heidelberg|1895|Auwers
 - YorkU shows: Thorpe, Sir Jocelyn Field|Karl von Auwers|1895|Heidelberg
display: Jocelyn Field Thorpe (1872-1940) (PhD 1895, Heidelberg)
         [preceptor: Karl Frederich von Auwers]

Thorpe, Thomas Edward
**   [?]
 - We (after McCarty) show: (nothing - Thomas Thorpe not included)
 - Mainz shows: Thorpe, Thomas Edward|1845-1925|PhD|1868|Heidelberg|Bunsen
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Thorpe, Thomas
 - Mathematics does not include: Thorpe, T
 - NDSU shows: Thomas Edward Thorpe|PhD|Heidelberg|1868|Bunsen
 - Open U shows: Thorpe, Thomas Edward, Sir|1845-1925|PhD|1869|Heidelberg|
     worked with: Bunsen
 - UConn does not include Thorpe, Thomas
 - UMass shows: Thorpe, Thomas Edward|Heidelberg|1868|Bunsen
 - YorkU does not include Thorpe, Thomas
display: Thomas Edward Thorpe (1845-1925) (PhD 1868, Heidelberg)
         [preceptor: Robert Wilhelm Eberhard Bunsen]

Tiemann, Johann Carl Wilhelm Friedrich 
 - We (after McCarty) show: R. Tiemann (1848-1889) ( ) von Hoffman
 - Mainz shows: Tiemann, Johann Carl Wilhelm Friedrich|1848-1899|PhD|1870|
 - Davidson shows: Ferdinand Tiemann|Gottingen|1870|von Hofmann
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Tiemann
 - Mathematics does not include: Tiemann
 - Morris shows: "Johann Carl Wilhelm Ferdinand Tiemann (1848-1899). Born in
     R?beland, in the Harz, and originally trained as a pharmacist at the
     polytechnic in Brunswick. He then switched to chemistry and worked as an
     assistant to August Wilhelm Hofmann (1818-1892), preparing TNT for the
     first time in 1870. Tiemann became a silent partner to Haarmann in
     Holzminden and Georges de Laire (1836-1908) in Paris, and carried out
     research on fragrances. He later elucidated the structure of the
     interrelated terpenes. His name is associated with the Reimer-Tiemann
     reaction (1876) and the Tiemann rearrangement of amide oxides (1891)."
 - NDSU does not include Tieman
 - NotreD shows: Johann Carl Wilhelm Friedrich Tiemann||Berlin|1870|August
     Wilhelm von Hofmann
 - UConn shows: Tiemann, Ferdinand (1848-1899; Germany) [ ; ]
 - UMass shows: Tiemann, Johann Carl Wilhelm Friedrich|Berlin|1870|Hofmann
 - USF shows: F. Tiemann|Gottingen|1870|Hofmann
 - YorkU shows: Tiemann, Johann Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand|A. W. Hofmann|1870|Berlin
Display: Johann Carl Wilhelm Friedrich Tiemann (1848-1889) (PhD 1870, Berlin)
         [preceptor: August Wilhelm von Hofmann]

Timnick, Andrew
 - McCarty (1969) shows: Timnick|Iowa|G. Glockler
 - We (after McCarty) show: Andrew Timnick (1918-____) (PhD 1947, Iowa)
     (MSU ____-____) Glockler
 - Mainz does not include Timnick
 - DisAbs shows: Timnick, Andrew|PhD|1948|U Iowa|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Timnick
 - MSU Chemistry personnel files show: Timnick: death 1990
 - NDSU does not include Timnick
 - UConn does not include Timnick
 - YorkU does not include Timnick
Display: Andrew Timnick (1918-1990) (PhD 1948, Iowa) (MSU 1949-1986)
         [preceptor: George Glockler]

Torrey, Henry Augustus 
   [Reusch, Tepe]
 - McCarty (1969) shows: H. A. Torrey|1871-1910|C. L. Jackson
 - We (after McCarty) show: H. A. Torrey (1871-1910) ( ) Jackson
 - Mainz shows: Torrey, Henry Augustus|1871-1910|PhD|1897|Harvard|Jackson/Hill
     Mainz includes references for Jackson as preceptor, and for the connection
       to Hill.
 - Davidson shows: Henry A. Torrey|Harvard|1897|Richards
 - DisAbs shows: Torrey, Henry Augustus|PhD|1897|Harvard U|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Torrey, H
 - NDSU shows: Henry Augustus Torrey|PhD|Harvard|1897|Jackson/Hill
 - NotreD shows: Henry Augustus Torrey||Harvard|1896|Charles Loring Jackson
 - UConn does not include Torrey
 - USF shows: Henry A. Torrey|Harvard|1897|Richards
 - YorkU does not include Torrey
question: preceptor? Richards or Jackson or Hill?

Display: Henry Augustus Torrey (1871-1910) (PhD 1897, Harvard)
         [preceptor: ]

Traylor, Teddy G 
 - We (after McCarty) show: T. G. Traylor (1925-____) ( ) Winstein
 - Mainz does not include Traylor
 - DisAbs shows: Traylor, Teddy G.|PhD|1953|U Calif-Los Angeles|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Traylor, T
 - NDSU does not include Traylor
 - UConn does not include Traylor
 - US Social Security Death Index shows: Teddy Traylor|born: 21 May 1925|
     died: 14 Jun 1993|death residence: 92037 La Jolla, San Diego, California
 - YorkU does not include Traylor
Display: Teddy G Traylor (1925-____) (PhD 1953, UCLA)
         [preceptor: Saul Winstein]

Trowbridge, John
 - We (after McCarty) show: J. Trowbridge (1843-1923) (DSc Physics 1873, ) (none)
 - Mainz shows: Trowbridge, John|1843-1923|SB (physics)|1865|Harvard|Lovering
 - DisAbs shows: Trowbridge, John|SD|1873|Harvard U|
     Physics, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Trowbridge, J
 - NDSU does not include Trowbridge
 - UConn does not include Trowbridge
 - UMass shows: Trowbridge, John|SB (physics)|Harvard|1865|Lovering
 - YorkU does not include Trowbridge
question: degree to use?

Display: John Trowbridge (1843-1923) ()
         [preceptor: Joseph Lovering]

Tulinsky, Alexander
 - McCarty (1969) shows: Tulinsky|Princeton|J. White
 - We (after McCarty) show: Alexander Tulinsky (1928-____) (PhD 1956, Princeton
     U) (MSU ____-____) White
 - verified: Alexander Tulinsky (1928-____) (PhD 1956, Princeton) (MSU 1965-2001)
         [preceptor: John Greville White]
 - MSU records (through Rebecca Townsend) show retirement date: 7-95
 - Mainz does not include Tulinsky
 - DisAbs shows: Tulinskie, Alexander|PhD|1956|Princeton U|
     Chemistry, Physical|(title)|  NOTE: spelling of last name?
 - Mathematics does not include: Tulinsky
 - NDSU does not include Tulinsky
 - UConn does not include Tulinsky
 - YorkU does not include Tulinsky
Display: Alexander Tulinsky (1928-____) (PhD 1956, Princeton) (MSU 1965-1995)
         [preceptor: John Greville White]
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