Chemical Genealogy Work Area - B

This page is a work area in which information about every person in the MSU Chemical Genealogy charts is gathered and evaluated. The references to several chemical genealogy sources, including those available on the WWW in addition to reference books, are listed on the previous page.

The last line for each individual, in bold font and labeled "display:", shows the text to be displayed on the MSU Chemistry genealogy web pages for the individual.

This page will always be a work in progress. Please let us know of any errors, or additional opinions or evidence, by e-mailing us at: .

Babcock, Gerald Thomas
 - We (after McCarty) show: Gerald T Babcock (1946-2000) (PhD 1973, U California
     - Berkeley) (MSU ____-2000) Sauer
 - Mainz does not include Babcock
 - DisAbs shows: Babcock, Gerald Thomas|PhD|1973|U California-Berkeley|
     Chemistry, Analytical|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Babcock, Gerald
 - NDSU does not include Babcock, Gerald
 - UConn does not include Babcock
 - YorkU does not include Babcock
Display: Gerald Thomas Babcock (1946-2000) (PhD 1973, Berkeley) (MSU 1976-2000)
         [preceptor: Kenneth Harvey Sauer]

Bachmann, Werner Emmanuel 
   [Jones, Maleczka]
 - We (after McCarty) show: W. E. Backmann (1901-1951) ( ) Gomberg
 - Mainz shows: Bachmann, Walter Emmanuel|1091-1951|PhD|1926|Michigan|Gomberg
 - DisAbs shows: Bachmann, Werner Emmanuel|PhD|1926|U Michigan|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Bachmann, Werner
 - Morris shows: "Werner Emmanuel Bachmann (1901-1951). Born in Detroit, he
     studied chemistry and chemical engineering at Wayne State University in
     Detroit and at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor nearby. He took his
     doctorate under Gomberg and spent the rest of his career at the University
     of Michigan, although he often studied overseas. He was interested in
     physical organic chemistry (rearrangements, free radicals) and organic
     synthesis. Bachmann was a pioneer in steroid synthesis, and carried out the
     first total synthesis of a steroidal hormone, equilenin. His name is
     associated with the Gomberg-Bachmann reaction for the synthesis of diaryl
     compounds from aryl diazonium chlorides."
 - NDSU does not include Bachmann
 - NotreD shows: Walter Emmanuel Bachmann||Michigan|1926|Moses Gomberg
 - UConn does not include Bachmann
 - UMass shows: Bachmann, Werner Emmanuel|Michigan|1926|Gomberg
 - YorkU shows: Bachmann, Werner Emmanuel|Moses Gomberg|1926|Michigan
Display: Werner Emmanuel Bachmann (1901-1951) (PhD 1926, Michigan)
         [preceptor: Moses Gomberg]

Backstrom, Hans L J
 - Mainz does not include Backstrom
 - DisAbs does not include Backstrom
 - SciFinder shows publications 1921-1970, but the first 8 are sole authored
     (1921-27) and the 9th is co-authored by Alyea (1929).
 - US Social Security Death Index shows: Hans Backstrom|born: 11 Jun 1893|died:
     Oct 1970|106-01-3093|issued: New York|death residence: Buffalo, Erie, NY
     [this is the ONLY Hans Backstrom in the USSSDI]

Baeyer, Adolf Johann Friedrich von
   [Chang, Eick, Galloway, Herbst, Schuetz, Sousa, Wagner]
 - McCarty (1969) shows: A. Baeyer|1835-1917|F. Kekul?
 - We (after McCarty) show: A. Baeyer (1836-1917) ( ) Kekul?
 - Mainz shows: Baeyer, Adolf Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Ritter von|1835-1917|
     PhD|1858|Berlin|Bunsen and Kekul?
 - Abbott includes: "Baeyer, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Adolf von (1835-1917) ...
     He began his university career at Heidelberg in 1853 where he studied
     chemistry under Robert Bunsen and Friedrich Kekul?.  He gained his PhD at
     Berlin in 1858 after working in the laboratory of August Hofmann...
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Baeyer, Adolf
 - Mathematics does not include: Baeyer
 - Morris shows: "(Johann Friedrich Wilhelm) Adolf [von] Baeyer (1835-1917).
     Born in Berlin, the son of a Prussian military surveyor who became a
     lieutenant-general. He studied chemistry at Heidelberg under Bunsen, then
     followed Kekul? to Ghent. he taught at the Gewerbeschule in Berlin before
     joining the newly Germanised University of Strassburg. Baeyer then
     succeeded Liebig at Munich where he remained for the rest of his career. He
     also acted as a consultant and research leader for Badische Anilin- &
     Soda-Fabrik. His major work was the structure and synthesis of indigo. He
     also discovered the phthalein dyes and synthesised oxonium compounds. His
     centric formula for benzene is well-known. Baeyer ennobled by Ludwig II in
     1885, and was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1905 for his work on dyes and
     hydroaromatic compounds. His name is associated with the Baeyer-Drewson
     indigo synthesis from o-nitrobenzaldehyde, the Baeyer-Villiger oxidation of
     ketones to esters or lactones, the (discredited) Baeyer photosynthesis
     equation, the Baeyer strain theory of alicyclic compounds and the Baeyer
     test for olefins (decolourisation of glacial acetic acid and potassium
 - NDSU shows: Adolf Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Ritter von Baeyer|PhD|Berlin|1858|
 - UConn shows: Baeyer, Adolph von (1835-1917; Germany) [ ; ]
 - UMass shows: Baeyer, Adolf Friedrich Wilhelm Ritter von|Berlin|1858|Kekul?
     and Bunsen (2 lines)
 - USF shows: Adolf Baeyer|Berlin|1858|Kekul?
 - YorkU shows: Baeyer, J F W Adolf von|Robert Bunsen, August Kekul?|1858|Berlin

question: correct order of his names?
question: preceptor? Kekul? or Bunsen or Hofmann?
Display: Adolf Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Ritter von Baeyer (1835-1917) (PhD 1858, Berlin)
         [preceptor: ]

Bailar, John Christian 
   [Cohn, Nocera]
 - McCarty (1969) shows: J. Bailar|1904-    |M. Gomberg
 - We (after McCarty) show: J. Bailar (1914-____) ( ) Gomberg
 - Mainz shows: Bailar, John Christian|1904-1991|PhD|1928|Michigan|Gomberg
 - DisAbs shows: Bailar, John Christian|PhD|1928|U Michigan|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Bailar
 - NDSU shows: John Christian Bailar|PhD|Michigan|1928|Gomberg
 - UConn does not include Bailar
 - UMass shows: Bailar, John Christian Jr.|Michigan|1928|Gomberg
 - USF shows: John C. Bailar, Jr.|Michigan|1928|Gomberg
 - YorkU does not include Bailar
Display: John Christian Bailar (1904-1991) (PhD 1928, Michigan)
         [preceptor: Moses Gomberg]

Baker, Gregory Lynn
 - We (after McCarty) show: Gregory L Baker (1954-____) (PhD 1980, Colorado
     State U) (MSU ____-____) Marvel
 - Stein found [Baker's website:] that Baker's
     preceptor was J. K. Stille.
 - verified: Gregory L Baker (1954-    ) (PhD 1980, Colorado State) (1992-    )
     [preceptor: John Kenneth Stille]
 - Mainz does not include Baker, Gregory
 - DisAbs shows: Baker, Gregory Lynn|PhD|1980|Colorado State U|
     Chemistry, Organic|(title)|(abstract)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Baker, Gregory L
 - NDSU does not include Baker, Gregory
 - UConn does not include Baker
 - YorkU does not include Baker, Gregory
Display: Gregory Lynn Baker (1954-____) (PhD 1980, Colorado State) (MSU 1992-____)
         [preceptor: John Kenneth Stille]

Baker, Herbert Brereton
   [Averill, J Broderick, Coskran, Kanatzidis, Odom, Pinnavaia]
 - McCarty (1969) shows: H. Baker|1862-1935|H. Dixon
 - We (after McCarty) show: H. Baker (1862-1935) ( ) Dixon
 - Mainz shows: Baker, Herbert Brereton|1862-1935|MA|1884|Oxford|Dixon
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Baker, Herbert
 - Mathematics does not include: Baker, Herbert
 - Morris shows: "Herbert Brereton Baker (1862-1935). Born in Blackburn, he
     studied chemistry under Dixon at Balliol College, Oxford. After teaching at
     Dulwich College, he went back to Oxford as Dr Lees' Reader at Christ
     Church. He later became Professor of Chemistry at Imperial College. Baker
     is most famous for his research on the catalytic effect of water on
     reactions, for instance distilling phosphorous in rigorously dried oxygen
     without any reaction taking place."
 - NDSU shows: Herbert Brereton Baker|MA|Oxford|1884|Dixon
 - OpenU shows: Baker, Herbert Brereton|1862-1935|DsC|____|Oxford|
     worked with: (not stated)
 - UConn does not include Baker
 - USF shows: H. B. Baker|Oxford|1883|Dixon
 - YorkU does not include Baker, Herbert
Display: Herbert Brereton Baker (1862-1935) (MA 1884, Oxford)
         [preceptor: Harold Bailey Dixon]

Baker, Robert Henry
 - McCarty (1969) shows: R. H. Baker|1908-    |H. Adkins
 - We (after McCarty) show: R. H. Baker (1908-____) ( ) Adkins
 - Mainz does not include Baker, Robert
 - DisAbs shows: Baker, Robert Henry|PhD|1940|U Wisconsin|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Baker, Robert
 - NDSU does not include R. H. Baker
 - UConn does not include Baker
 - YorkU does not include Baker, Robert
Display: Robert Henry Baker (1908-____) (PhD 1940, Wisconsin)
         [preceptor: Homer Burton Adkins]

Baldeschwieler, John Dickson 
 - We (after McCarty) show: J. D. Baldeschwieler (1933-____) ( ) Pimentel
 - Mainz shows: Baldeschwieler, John Dickson|1933-    |PhD|1959|Berkeley|
 - DisAbs shows: Baldeschwieler, John Dickson|PhD|1960|U California-Berkeley|
     Chemistry, Physical|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Baldeschwieler
 - NDSU shows: John Dickson Baldeschwieler|PhD|Berkeley|1959|Pimentel
 - Stanford Chemistry Department History 1891 to 1976 shows:
     "John D. Baldeschweiler.  B.Chem.E. Cornell, Ph.D. U. of California.
     Instructor, Harvard 1960-2; Asst. Prof. 1962-65; Assoc. Prof., Stanford
     1965-67; Professor 1967-73. Now Chairman, Department of Chemistry, Caltech.
     Born Elizabeth, N.J., 11/14/33."
 - UConn does not include Baldeschwieler
 - YorkU does not include Baldeschwieler
Display: John Dickson Baldeschwieler (1933-____) (PhD 1960, Berkeley)
         [preceptor: George Claude Pimentel]

Baldinger, Ernst Gottfried 
   [Allison, Beck, Bernthal, Blanchard, Chang, Dantus, Eick, Farnum, Galloway,
   Geiger, Herbst, Horne, J Jackson, Kinsinger, Ledford, Leroi, McCusker, Melson,
   Morrissey, Nazaroff, Posey, Rathke, Rogers, Schuetz, Schwendeman, Smith,
   Sousa, Tulinsky, Wagner, Watson]
 - We (after McCarty) show: (nothing - Baldinger not included)
 - Mainz shows: Baldinger, Ernst Gottfried|1738-1804|MD|1760|Jena|Mangold
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Baldinger, Ernst
 - Mathematics does not include: Baldinger, Ernst
 - NDSU shows: Ernst Gottfried Baldinger|MD|Jena|1760|Mangold
 - UConn does not include Baldinger
 - YorkU does not include Baldinger
Display: Ernst Gottfried Baldinger (1738-1804) (MD 1760, Jena)
         [preceptor: Christoph Andreas Mangold]

Ball, Charles Dodson 
 - We (after McCarty) show: Charles D Ball (1889-____) (MS 1920, U Minnesota)
     (MSU ____-1957) (none)
 - Mainz does not include Ball
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: auth=ball, 1910-1930
 - Mathematics does not include: Ball, Charles
 - MSU employment records show: Ball, Charles Dodson deceased 01/14/76
 - NDSU does not include Ball
 - UConn does not include Ball
 - YorkU does not include Ball
Display: Charles Dodson Ball (1889-1976) (MS 1920, Minnesota) (MSU 1919-1957)
         [preceptor: ]

Barclay, John 
   [K Hunt, P Hunt]
 - We (after McCarty) show: (nothing - Barclay not included)
 - Mainz shows: Barclay, John|1758-1826|MD|1796|Edinburgh|Bell
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Barclay, John
 - Mathematics does not include: Barclay, John
 - NDSU shows: John Barclay|MD|Edinburgh|1796|Bell
 - UConn does not include Barclay
 - YorkU does not include Barclay
Display: John Barclay (1758-1826) (MD 1796, Edinburgh)
         [preceptor: John Bell]

Bard, Allen Joseph
   [Atkinson, Gaudiello]
 - Mainz shows: Bard, Allen Joseph|1933-____|PhD|1958|Harvard|Lingane
 - DisAbs shows: Bard, Allen Joseph|PhD|1958|Harvard|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|

Barthenau, Ludwig Barth von 
 - We (after McCarty) show: L. von Barth (1839-1890) ( ) (none)
 - Stein found [Partington vol. 4, p. 560] that Barthenau's preceptor was
 - Mainz shows: Barth (von Barthenau), Ludwig|1839-1890|PhD|
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Barthenau
 - Mathematics does not include: Barthenau
 - NDSU does not include Barthenau
 - UConn does not include Barthenau
 - YorkU does not include Barthenau
***(need to search again using surname Barth)***

question: what to do with last name?
Display: Ludwig Barth von Barthenau (1839-1890) (PhD 1860, Innsbruck)
         [preceptor: Heinrich Hermann Hlasiwetz]

Bartlett, Paul Doughty
 - McCarty (1969) shows: P. Bartlett|1907-    |J. Conant
 - We (after McCarty) show: Paul D Bartlett (1907-____) ( ) Conant
 - Mainz shows: Bartlett, Paul Doughty|1907-1997|PhD|1931|Harvard|Conant
 - Davidson shows: Paul D. Bartlett|Harvard|1931|Conant
 - DisAbs shows: Bartlett, Paul Doughty|PhD|1931|Harvard U|
     Chemistry, Organic|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Bartlett, P
 - Morris shows: "Paul Doughty Bartlett (1907-1997). Born in Ann Arbor,
     Michigan, he studied chemistry at Amherst, before taking his Ph.D. at
     Harvard under Conant. After brief spells at the Rockefeller Institute,
     Columbia University and the University of Minnesota, Bartlett returned to
     Harvard. After his retirement from Harvard, he started afresh at Texas
     Christian University at Fort Worth. He has studied a wide range of organic
     reaction mechanisms, notably the Wagner-Meerwein rearrangements and
     carbonium ions. An obituary on a Yale website also cited substitution and
     rearrangement mechanisms, strained lactones, highly branched molecules,
     alkyl lithium compounds, and polymerisation and chain reactions, among many
     many other topics."
 - NDSU shows: Paul Doughty Bartlett|PhD|Harvard|1931|Conant
 - UConn shows: Bartlett, Paul D. (1907-1997; USA) [Harvard; with Conant]
 - UMass shows: Bartlett, Paul Doughty|Harvard|1931|Conant
 - USF shows: Paul D. Bartlett|Harvard|1931|Conant
 - YorkU shows: Bartlett, Paul Doughty|James B. Conant|1931|Harvard
Display: Paul Doughty Bartlett (1907-1997) (PhD 1931, Harvard)
         [preceptor: James Bryant Conant]

Barton, Thomas Jackson 
 - We (after McCarty) show: (nothing - Barton not included)
 - Stein found [in genealogy box; unverified] that Barton's preceptor was
 - Mainz shows: Barton, Thomas Jackson|1940-    |PhD|1967|Florida|Battiste
 - DisAbs shows: Barton, Thomas Jackson|PhD|1967|U Florida|
     Chemistry, Organic|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Barton, Thomas J
 - NDSU does not include Barton, Thomas
 - UConn does not include Barton, Thomas
 - YorkU does not include Barton, Thomas

Display: Thomas Jackson Barton (1940-____) (PhD 1967, Florida)
         [preceptor: Merle Andrew Battiste]

Bartz, Jeffrey A
 - We (after McCarty) show: Jeffrey A Bartz (____-____) (PhD ____, )
     (MSU ____-____) (none)
 - Mainz does not include Bartz
 - DisAbs shows: Bartz, Jeffrey Allan|PhD|1992|Wisconsin|supervisor: J. Fleming
     Crim|Chemistry, Physical; Chemistry, Inorganic|(title)|(abstract)
 - Mathematics does not include: Bartz
 - MSU employment records show: Bartz, Jeffrey A ending MSU employment date 06/30/2002
 - NDSU does not include Bartz
display: Jeffrey Allan Bartz (____-____) (PhD 1992, Wisconsin)
         [preceptor: J. Fleming Crim]

Basolo, Fred 
 - We (after McCarty) show: (nothing - Basolo not included)
 - Mainz shows: Basolo, Fred|1920-    |PhD|1943|Illinois|Bailar
 - DisAbs shows: Basolo, Fred|PhD|1944|U Illinois|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Basolo
 - NDSU does not include Basolo
 - UConn does not include Basolo
 - YorkU does not include Basolo
Display: Fred Basolo (1920-____) (PhD 1944, Illinois)
         [preceptor: John Christian Bailar]

Bateman, Richard Louis 
 - We (after McCarty) show: Richard Louis Bateman (1902-____) ()
     (MSU ____-1968) Ewing
 - Mainz does not include Bateman
 - DisAbs shows: Bateman, Richard Louis|PhD|1944|Michigan State U|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Bateman, Richard
 - MSU Chemistry personnel files show: Bateman: start 1928
 - MSU employment records show: Bateman, Richard Louis deceased 03/05/71
 - NDSU does not include Bateman
 - UConn does not include Bateman
 - YorkU does not include Bateman
Display: Richard Louis Bateman (1902-1971) (PhD 1944, MSU) (MSU 1928-1968)
         [preceptor: Dwight Tarbell Ewing]

Bates, Arthur Dodd
 - DisAbs shows: Bates, Arthur Dodd|PhD|1978|Stevens Institute of Technology|
     Physics, Atomic|"Inelastic scattering of electrons by singly-ionized barium
     and some considerations relevant to the general electron-ion scattering

Battiste, Merle Andrew 
 - We (after McCarty) show: (nothing - Battiste not included)
 - Stein found [Breslow's website:] that Breslow was
     the preceptor of Battiste
 - Mainz shows: Battiste, Merle Andrew|1933-    |PhD|1959|Columbia|Breslow
 - DisAbs shows: Battiste, Merle A.|PhD|1959|Columbia U|
     Chemistry, Organic|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Battiste, Merle
 - NDSU does not include Battiste
 - UConn does not include Battiste
 - YorkU does not include Battiste
Display: Merle Andrew Battiste (1933-____) (PhD 1959, Columbia)
         [preceptor: Ronald Charles David Breslow]

Beachell, Harold Charles
 - DisAbs shows: Beachell, Harold Charles|PhD|1941|New York U|
     Chemistry, General|"The Thermal Decomposition of N-butylamine"|
 - Beachell's first publication [Harold C. Beachell & H. Austin Taylor, J. Chem.
     Phys. (1942) 10, 106-10] has the same title "The thermal decomposition of
     butylamine" as Beachell's thesis.  Beachell's last publication is 1975.
     The implication is that Taylor is Beachell's PhD preceptor.
 - US Social Security Death Index shows: Harold Beachell|born: 20 Nov 1915|
     died: 21 Feb 1993|SSN issued: New York|death residence: 19085 Delaware
display: Harold Charles Beachell (1915-1993) (PhD 1941, New York U)
         [preceptor: H. Austin Taylor]

Beal, George Denton
 - McCarty (1969) shows: G. D. Beal|1887-    |M. T. Bogert
 - We (after McCarty) show: G. D. Beal (1887-____) ( ) Bogert
 - Mainz shows: Beal, George Denton|1887-1972|PhD|1911|Columbia|Bogert
 - DisAbs shows: Beal, George Denton|PhD|1911|Columbia U|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Beal, G
 - NDSU shows: George Denton Beal|PhD|Columbia|1911|Bogert
 - UConn does not include Beal
 - YorkU does not include Beal
Display: George Denton Beal (1887-1972) (PhD 1911, Columbia)
         [preceptor: Marston Taylor Bogert]

Bearman, Richard John
 - McCarty (1969) shows: R. Bearman|1929-    |F. Koenig
 - We (after McCarty) show: R. Bearman (1929-____) ( ) Koenig
 - Mainz does not include Bearman
 - DisAbs shows: Bearman, Richard John|PhD|1956|Stanford U|
     Chemistry, Physical|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Bearman, Richard
 - NDSU does not include Bearman
 - UConn does not include Bearman
 - YorkU does not include Bearman
Display: Richard John Bearman (1929-____) (PhD 1956, Stanford)
         [preceptor: Frederick Otto Koenig]

Beauchamp, Jesse Lee 
 - We (after McCarty) show: J. L. Beauchamp (1942-____) ( ) Baldeschwieler
 - Mainz shows: Beauchamp, Jesse Lee|1942-    |PhD|1967|Harvard|Baldeschwieler
 - DisAbs shows: Beauchamp, Jesse Lee|PhD|1968|Harvard U|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Beauchamp, Jesse
 - NDSU shows: Jesse Lee Beauchamp|PhD|Harvard|1967|Baldeschwieler
 - UConn does not include Beauchamp
 - YorkU does not include Beauchamp
Display: Jesse Lee Beauchamp (1942-____) (PhD 1968, Harvard)
         [preceptor: John Dickson Baldeschwieler]

Beck, Warren Findlay
 - We (after McCarty) show: Warren F Beck (1960-____) (PhD 1988, Yale U)
     (MSU ____-____) (none)
 - Mainz does not include Beck
 - DisAbs shows: Beck, Warren Findlay|PhD|1988|Yale U|
     Chemistry, Biochemistry; Chemistry, Inorganic|(title)|(abstract)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Beck, Warren
 - NDSU does not include Beck
 - UConn does not include Beck
 - YorkU does not include Beck
Display: Warren Findlay Beck (1960-____) (PhD 1988, Yale) (MSU 1999-____)
         [preceptor: Gary Wayne Brudvig]

Bell, John 
   [K Hunt, P Hunt]
 - We (after McCarty) show: (nothing - Bell not included)
 - Mainz shows: Bell, John|1763-1820|none|1786|Edinburgh|Wood
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Bell, John
 - Mathematics does not include: our Bell, John
 - NDSU shows: John Bell|()|Edinburgh|1786|Wood
 - UConn does not include Bell
 - YorkU does not include Bell, John
Display: John Bell (1763-1820) ((none) 1786, Edinburgh)
         [preceptor: Wood]

Berglund, Kris Arvid
 - We (after McCarty) show: Kris A Berglund (1955-____) (PhD 1981 Chem Eng, Iowa
     State U) (MSU ____-____) (none)
 - verified: Kris A Berglund (1955-____) (PhD 1981 Chem Eng, Iowa State)
     (MSU 1984-____) [preceptor: Maurice Allen Larson]
 - Mainz does not include Berglund
 - DisAbs shows: Berglund, Kris Arvid|PhD|1981|Iowa State U|
     Engineering, Chemical|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Berglund, Kris
 - NDSU does not include Berglund
 - UConn does not include Berglund
 - YorkU does not include Berglund
Display: Kris Arvid Berglund (1955-____) (PhD - Chem Eng 1981, Iowa State) (MSU 1984-____)
         [preceptor: Maurice Allen Larson]

Bergman, Tobern Olof 
   [Baker, Borhan, Brubaker, Byerrum, Cukier, Draths, Dunbar, Frost, Gansow,
   Gennick, Grubbs, Guile, Hamilton, Hoeschele, Huston, Karabatsos,
   Kissinger, LeGoff, Mantica, McCarty, McHarris, Nicholson, Spees, Stille,
   Stone, Swain, Wulff]
 - We (after McCarty) show: (nothing - Bergman not included)
 - Mainz shows: Bergman, Tobern Olof|1735-1784|PhD (mathematics)|1758|Uppsala|
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Bergman
 - Mathematics does not include: Bergman, Tobern
 - NDSU shows: Tobern Olaf Bergman|PhD|Uppsala|1758|Ferrner
 - UConn does not include Bergman
 - YorkU does not include Bergman, T
Display: Tobern Olof Bergman (1735-1784) (PhD - Mathematics 1758, Uppsala)
         [preceptor: Bengt Ferrner]

Bergmann, Werner
 - McCarty (1969) shows: W. Bergmann|1904-1960|A. Windaus
 - We (after McCarty) show: W. Bergmann (1904-1960) ( ) Windaus
 - Mainz does not include Bergmann
 - Biography and Genealogy Master Index shows: "Bergmann, Werner (1904-1959)"
     and 4 citations.
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Bergmann
 - Mathematics does not include: Bergmann, W
 - NDSU does not include Bergmann
 - UConn does not include Bergmann, W.
 - YorkU does not include Bergmann
Display: Werner Bergmann (1904-1960) ( 1928, Gottingen)
         [preceptor: Adolf Otto Windaus]

Bergstrom, Francis William 
 - We (after McCarty) show: (nothing - Bergstrom not included)
 - Mainz does not include Bergstrom
 - DisAbs shows: Bergstrom, Francis William|PhD|1922|Stanford U|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Bergstrom, F
 - NDSU does not include Bergstrom
 - Stanford Chemistry Department History 1891 to 1976 shows:
     "Francis William Bergstrom, B.A., Ph.D. Stanford. Instructor, Stanford
     1925-28; Asst. Prof. 1928-34; Assoc. Prof. 1934-42; Professor 1942-46.
     Student of E. C. Franklin.  Born Bloomington, Ind., 1/10/97; died Stanford
 - UConn does not include Bergstrom
 - USF shows: F. Bergstrom|Stanford|1922|Franklin
 - YorkU does not include Bergstrom
Display: Francis William Bergstrom (1897-1946) (PhD 1922, Stanford)
         [preceptor: Edward Curtis Franklin]

Bernstein, Richard B
 - DisAbs shows: Bernstein, Richard B|PhD|1949|Columbia U|
     Physics, General|(title)|
 - SciFinder shows one paper co-authored with T. I. Taylor 1947; seven papers
     co-authored with Forrest F. Cleveland 1950-1955;
     two papers co-authored with William M. Boyer 1950 (also with Cleveland);

Bernthal, Frederick Michael
 - We (after McCarty) show: Frederick M Bernthal (1943-____) (PhD 1969, U
     California - Berkeley) (MSU ____-____) (none)
 - Mainz does not include Bernthal
 - DisAbs shows: Bernthal, Frederick Michael|PhD|1969|U California-Berkeley|
     Chemistry, Nuclear|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Bernthal
 - NDSU does not include Bernthal
 - UConn does not include Bernthal
 - YorkU does not include Bernthal
Display: Frederick Michael Bernthal (1943-____) (PhD 1969, Berkeley) (MSU 1970-1980)
         [preceptor: John Oscar Rasmussen Jr]

Berthier, Pierre
**   [?]
 - We (after McCarty) show: (nothing - Berthier not included)
 - Mainz shows: Berthier, Pierre|1782-1861|Ing.Ordinaire|1805|Ecole des Mines|
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Berthier
 - Mathematics does not include: Berthier
 - NDSU shows: Pierre Berthier|Ing. Ord.|Ecole des Mines|1805|Schreiber|
 - UConn does not include Berthier
 - YorkU does not include Berthier

Berthollet, Claude Louis
**   [?]
 - McCarty (1969) shows: C. L. Berthollet MEDICINE IN TURIN|1748-1822|(none)
 - We (after McCarty) show: C. L. Berthollet 'MEDICINE IN TURIN' (1748-1822) ( )
 - Mainz shows: Berthollet, Claude Louis|1748-1822|MD|1778|Paris|Bucquet and
 - Davidson shows: C. L. Berthollet|Paris|1778|(none)
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Berthollet
 - Mathematics does not include: Berthollet
 - NDSU shows: Claude Louis Berthollet|MD|Paris|1778|Bucquet/Macquer
 - SciWorld shows: "Berthollet, Claude (1748-1822).  French chemist who believed
     that the products of a reaction depended on the ratio of reactants. In this
     view, he contradicted Dalton's Theorem of Definite Proportions and was
     eventually proved wrong by Proust. However, his proposition that the rate
     of a chemical reaction was dependent on the concentration of reactants was
     correct. This fact was later called the Law of Mass Action and was proposed
     by Guldberg and Waage. He argued that chemical affinity was the result of
     attractive forces between particles of matter. He thought that the forces
     were gravitational in origin, thus attempting to quantify the theory of
     chemical affinity. He was a close friend of Monge."
 - UConn does not include Berthollet
 - UMass shows: Berthollet, Claude Louis|Paris|1778|(no preceptor listed)
 - USF shows: C. L. Berthollet|Paris|1778|(none)
 - YorkU does not include Berthollet
question: preceptor?

         [preceptor: ]

Berzelius, Jons Jacob
   [Baker, Borhan, Brubaker, Byerrum, Cukier, Draths, Dunbar, Frost, Gansow,
   Gennick, Grubbs, Guile, Hamilton, Hoeschele, Huston, Karabatsos,
   Kissinger, LeGoff, Mantica, McCarty, McHarris, Nicholson, Spees, Stille,
   Stone, Swain, Wulff]
 - McCarty (1969) shows: J. J. Berzelius UPPSALA|1779-1848|J. Afzelius
 - We (after McCarty) show: J. J. Berzelius "UPPSALA' (1779-1848) ( ) Afzelius
 - Mainz shows: Berzelius, Jons Jacob|1779-1848|MD|1802|Uppsala|Afzelius
 - Davidson shows: Jons Jacob Berzelius|Uppsala|1802|(none)
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Berzelius
 - Mathematics does not include: Berzelius
 - NDSU shows: Jons Jacob Berzelius|MD|Uppsala|1802|Afzelius
 - SciWorld shows: "Berzelius, Johs (1779-1848)  Swedish chemist who was a
     disciple of Dalton. He developed the concepts of the ion and ionic
     compounds. This theory made the idea of the O2 molecule ridiculous, and
     helped bring about the rejection of Avogadro's Hypothesis. Berzelius
     embarked on a systematic program to try to make accurate and precise
     quantitative measurements and insure the purity of chemicals. After
     Lavoisier, Berzelius is known as the father of chemistry. He determined the
     exact elementary constituents of large numbers of compounds. The results
     strongly confirmed Proust's Law of Definite Proportions. He published a
     table of atomic weights in 1826 which was in good agreement with modern
     values (although some weights are off by a factor of 2 or 1/2), but
     included confusion as to the differences between atoms and molecules. In
     his weights, he used oxygen as a standard, setting its weight equal to
     exactly 100. He also measured the weights of 43 elements. He found that the
     weights of compounds were not integer multiples of the hydrogen atom. 
       Motivated by his extensive atomic weight determinations, he introduced
     the classical system of chemical symbols in 1811, in which elements are
     abbreviated by one or two letters to make a distinct abbreviation from
     their Latin name. Berzelius developed the radical theory of chemical
     combination, which holds that reactions occur as stable groups of atoms
     called radicals are exchanged between molecules. He believed that salts are
     compounds of an acid and bases, and discovered that the anions in acids
     would be attracted to a positive electrode, whereas the cations in a base
     would be attracted to a negative electrode. Berzelius did not believe in
     the Vitalism Theory, but instead in a regulative force which produced
     organization of tissues in an organism."
 - UConn shows: Berzelius, Jons Jacob Freiherr von (1779-1848; Sweden)
     [Stockholm; ]
 - UMass shows: Berzelius, Jons Jakob|Uppsala|1802|(no preceptor listed)
 - USF shows: J. J. Berzelius|Stockholm|1802|(none)
 - USF shows: J`ns Jacob Berzelius|Stockholm|1802|Berthollet
 - YorkU shows: Berzelius, Jons Jakob|Torbern O. Bergman, Johann Afzelius|
     1802 (MD)|Uppsala
question: preceptor?Afzelius or Berthollet or Dalton?
Display: Jons Jacob Berzelius (1779-1848) (MD 1802, Uppsala)
         [preceptor: Johann Afzelius]

Bickley, Abigail Anne
 - E-mail from Abigail Bickley 24 May 2007 to Thomas V Atkinson includes:
     ".. my academic genealogy.
     Abigail Bickley (University of Maryland, College Park)
     Alice Cox Mignerey (University of Rochester)
     Marshall Blann  (University of California, Berkeley)
     Glenn T Seaborg (University of California, Berkeley)
 - DisAbs (ProQuest) shows: Bickley, Abigail Anne|PhD|University of Maryland|2004|
     Nuclear chemistry, Particle physics|"Charged antiparticle to particle ratios
     near midrapidity in deuteron+gold and proton+proton collisions at center of
     mass energy = 200 GeV"|advisor: Mignerey, Alice C
 - CERN Consult Xwho shows "Bickley, Abigail Anne" with Homeinstitute:
     University of Maryland".
 - Annual Report of the Graduate School 2004-2005 shows Abigail Bickley received
     a Thesis Award.  The report is described internally as the 2005 report, which
     suggests the degrees were conferred in 2005.
 - Birth year (1978) from private communication TVA and A Bickley Dec-5-2007.
Display: Abigail Anne Bickley (1978-    ) (PhD 2004, U Maryland) (MSU: 2007-    )
         [preceptor: Alice Louise Cox Mignerey]

Biddle, Henry Chalmers
   [Eick, Galloway]
 - McCarty (1969) shows: H. C. Biddle|1869-1935|A. Smith
 - We (after McCarty) show: H. C. Biddle (1869-1935) ( ) Smith
 - Mainz does not include Biddle
 - DisAbs shows: Biddle, Henry Chalmers|PhD|1900|U Chicago|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Biddle, H
 - NDSU does not include Biddle
 - UConn does not include Biddle
 - YorkU does not include Biddle
Display: Henry Chalmers Biddle (1869-1935) (PhD 1900, Chicago)
         [preceptor: Alexander Smith]

Biemann, Klaus 
 - We (after McCarty) show: K. Biemann (1926-____) ( ) Bretschneider
 - Mainz shows: Biemann, Klaus|1926-    |PhD|1951|Innsbruck|Bretschneider
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Biemann
 - Mathematics does not include: Biemann
 - NDSU does not include Biemann
 - UConn does not include Biemann
 - YorkU does not include Biemann
Display: Klaus Biemann (1926-   0) (PhD 1951, Innsbruck)
         [preceptor: Hermann Bretschneider]

Birdwhistell, Ralph K 
 - We (after McCarty) show: Ralph K Birdwhistell (1924-____) (PhD 1953, U
     Kansas) (MSU ____-____) (none)
 - Mainz does not include Bridwhistell
 - Biography and Genealogy Master Index shows: "Birdwhistell, Ralph" and 1 citation,
     "Birdwhistell, Ralph Kenton (1924-)" and 8 citations.
 - DisAbs shows: Birdwhistell, Ralph K.|PhD|1954|U Kansas|
     Chemistry, General|"Some Studies of Salt Effects on Solubility in Acetic
 - Mathematics does not include: Birdwhistell
 - MSU Chemistry personnel files show: Birdwhistell: start 1953, end 1958
 - MSU employment records show: Birdshistell, Ralph K deceased (no information)
 - NDSU does not include Bridwhistell
 - SciFinder Scholar shows Birdwhistell's first two papers to be co-authored
     with Ernest Griswold (and the first also co-authored with Mark M. Jones)
     and both titles are closely related ("...solubility ... in acetic acid...")
     to his thesis title.  Mark M. Jones received his PhD from Kansas in 1953
     (one year earlier than Birdwhistell).  Ernest Griswold received his PhD
     from Kansas in 1934 with a similar title "Some Studies of Amphoteric
     Acetates in Acetic Acid".  It appears very likely that Griswold is
     Birdwhistell's preceptor.
 - UConn does not include Birdwhistell
 - US Social Security Death Index shows: Ralph Birdwhistell|birth: 11 May 1924|
     death: 10 Oct 1997|(SSN)|issued: Ohio|residence: 32514 Pensacola, Florida|
 - YorkU does not include Birdwhistell
Display: Ralph K Birdwhistell (1924-1997) (PhD 1954, Kansas) (MSU 1953-1958)
         [preceptor: Ernest Griswold]

Blaedel, Walter John 
 - We (after McCarty) show: (nothing - Blaedel not included)
 - Stein found [in genealogy box; unverified] that Blaedel's preceptor was
 - Mainz shows: Blaedel, Walter John|1916-    |PhD|1942|Stanford|Leighton and
 - DisAbs shows: Blaedel, Walter John|PhD|1942|Stanford U|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Blaedel
 - NDSU shows: Walter John Blaedel|PhD|Stanford|1942|Leighton/Ogg
 - UConn does not include Blaedel
 - UMass shows: Blaedel, Walter John|Stanford|1942|Leighton
 - YorkU does not include Blaedel
question: preceptor? Leighton or Ogg?

Display: Walter John Blaedel (1916-____) (PhD 1942, Stanford) 
         [preceptor: ]

Blanchard, Gary John
 - We (after McCarty) show: Gary J Blanchard (1959-____) (PhD 1985, U Wisconsin
     - Madison) (MSU ____-____) Wirth
 - verified: Gary J Blanchard (1959-____) (PhD 1985, Wisconsin) (MSU 1991-____)
     [preceptor: Mary Jean Wirth]
 - Mainz does not include Blanchard
 - DisAbs shows: Blanchard, Gary John|PhD|1985|U Wisconsin|
     Chemistry, Analytical|(title)|(abstract)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Blanchard, G
 - NDSU does not include Blanchard
 - UConn does not include Blanchard
 - YorkU does not include Blanchard
Display: Gary John Blanchard (1959-____) (PhD 1985, Wisconsin) (MSU 1991-____)
         [preceptor: Mary Jean Wirth]

Blann, Marshall
 - E-mail from Abigail Bickley 24 May 2007 to Thomas V Atkinson includes:
     ".. my academic genealogy.
     Abigail Bickley (University of Maryland, College Park)
     Alice Cox Mignerey (University of Rochester)
     Marshall Blann  (University of California, Berkeley)
     Glenn T Seaborg (University of California, Berkeley)"
 - DisAbs (ProQuest) shows: Blann, Herbert Marshall|PhD|U California - Berkeley|1961|
 - U Rochester Chemistry Department newsletter ___ includes:
     "Marshall Blann began teaching in the Chemistry Department at UR in 1960
     (along with Jack Kampmeier) and played a key role in recruiting Professor
     John Huizenga to Rochester. He left the University in 1978 for an
     appointment at the Livermore National Laboratory in the Physics Division.
     In 1996, Dr. Blann retired from Livermore and now lives in beautiful
     Hawaii. Dr. Blann returned to Rochester in April 2006 to celebrate John
     Huizenga?s 85th birthday and was one of the distinguished guests presiding
     over the festivities."
Display: Marshall Blann (    -    ) (PhD 1961, Berkeley)
         [preceptor: Glenn Theodore Seaborg]

Blomquist, Alfred Theodore
 - McCarty (1969) shows: A. Blomquist|1906-    |C. S. Marvel
 - We (after McCarty) show: A. Blomquist (1906-____) ( ) Marvel
 - Mainz does not include Blomquist
 - DisAbs shows: Blomquist, Alfred Theodore|PhD|1932|U Illinois|
     Chemistry, Organic|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Blomquist
 - NDSU does not include Blomquist
 - UConn shows: Blomquist, Alfred T. (1906-    ; USA) [Illinois; with Marvel]
 - US Social Security Death Index shows: Alfred Blomquist|born: 16 Nov 1906|
     died: Jan 1977|death residence: 14850 Ithaca, Tompkins, NY
 - YorkU does not include Blomquist
Display: Alfred Theodore Blomquist (1906-____) (PhD 1932, Illinois)
         [preceptor: Carl Shipp Marvel]

Bochris, John O'Mara 
 - We (after McCarty) show: (nothing - Bochris not included)
 - Mainz does not include Bochris
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Bochris
 - Mathematics does not include: Bochris
 - NDSU does not include Bochris
 - UConn does not include Bochris
 - YorkU does not include Bochris
Display: John O'Mara Bochris (____-____) (PhD 1945, London)
         [preceptor: H J T Ellingham]

Bodenstein, Max Ernst August 
   [Babcock, McCracken]
 - We (after McCarty) show: Max Bodenstein (1871-1942) (PhD 1899, Heidelberg)
 - Mainz shows: Bodenstein, Max Ernst August|1871-1942|PhD|1893|Heidelberg|Meyer
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Bodenstein
 - Mathematics does not include: Bodenstein
 - NDSU does not include Bodenstein
 - UConn does not include Bodenstein
 - UMass shows: Bodenstein, Max ERnst August|Heidelberg|1893|Meyer
 - YorkU shows: Bodenstein, Max Ernst August|Viktor Meyer|1893|Heidelberg
Display: Max Ernst August Bodenstein (1871-1942) (PhD 1893, Heidelberg)
         [preceptor: Viktor Meyer]

Bogert, Marston Taylor
   [Gansow, Nicholson]
 - McCarty (1969) shows: M. T. Bogert|1868-1954|C. F. Chandler
 - We (after McCarty) show: M. T. Bogert (1868-1954) ( ) Chandler
 - Mainz shows: Bogert, Marston Taylor|1868-1954|PhB|1894|Columbia|Chandler
     Mainz includes a note "1. The PhB degrfee was an undergraduate engineering
       degree awarded from the Columbia School of Mines.  Date and degree
       confirmed by the curator of the Columbiana Archives (18May93)."
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: auth=bogert, 1800-1900
 - Mathematics does not include: Bogert, M
 - NDSU shows: Marston Taylor Bogert|PhB|Columbia|1894|Chandler
 - OpenU shows: Bogert, Martson Taylor1868-1954|PhB|1894|Columbia U|
     worked with: (not stated)
 - UConn does not include Bogert
 - YorkU does not include Bogert
Display: Marston Taylor Bogert (1868-1954) (PhB 1894, Columbia)
         [preceptor: Charles Frederick Chandler]

Booth, Harold Simmons
 - McCarty (1969) shows: H. S. Booth|1891-1953|A. W. Browne
 - We (after McCarty) show: H. S. Boothe (1891-1953) ( ) Browne
 - Mainz does not include Booth, Harold
 - DisAbs shows: Booth, Harold Simmons|PhD|1919|Cornell U|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Booth, H
 - NDSU does not include Booth
 - UConn does not include Booth
 - YorkU does not include Booth
Display: Harold Simmons Booth (1891-1953) (PhD 1919, Cornell)
         [preceptor: Arthur Wesley Browne]

Borgstrom, Parry
 - Biography and Genealogy Master Index shows: "Borgstrom, Parry (1890-1961)"
     and 1 citation.
 - DisAbs shows: Borgstrom, Parry|PhD|1919|Berkeley|
     Chemistry, General|"Tetraphenyldiarsine"|
 - SciFinder shows: Borgstrom's first paper (1919) was titled
     "Tetraphenyldiarsine" and co-authored with C. W. Porter.  In 1922 another
     paper with the same title was co-authored with Margaret M. Dewar.  DisAbs
     shows Charles Walter Porter earned his PhD in 1915 at Berkeley.  DisAbs
     does not include Margaret Dewar.  It is likely that Borgstrom's preceptor
     was Porter.
display: Parry Borgstrom (1890-1961) (PhD 1919, Berkeley)
         [preceptor: Charles Walter Porter]

Borhan, Babak 
 - We (after McCarty) show: Babak Borhan (1966-____) (PhD 1995, U California -
     Davis) (MSU ____-____) (none)
 - Stein received 11/25/01 an email from Borhan which stated his preceptor
     was Kurth
 - Mainz does not include Borhan
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: auth=Borhan
     NOTE: should find: Babak Borhan, PhD, 1995, chemistry, U California-Davis
 - Mathematics does not include: Borhan
 - NDSU does not include Borhan
 - UConn does not include Borhan
 - YorkU does not include Borhan
Display: Babak Borhan (1966-____) (PhD 1995, California-Davis) (MSU 1998-____)
         [preceptor: Mark Joesph Kurth]

Bost, Ralph Walton
 - We (after McCarty) show: Ralph Bost (____-____) ( ) (none)
 - Mainz does not include Bost
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Bost before 1945
 - Mathematics does not include: Bost
 - NDSU does not include Bost
 - OpenU shows (in part): Bost, Ralph Walton|1901-1951|PhD|1928|North Carolina|
     worked with: (not stated)
 - SciFinder shows Bost's 1st (1924) and 6th (1928) publications co-authored
     with Alvin S. Wheeler who earned his PhD 1900 at Harvard.  Bost's other 5
     of his first 7 publications (through 1929) are co-authored with Parry
     Borgstrom and 2 also with Roberta Hafkesbring (received her PhD 1928 in
     Physiology from Tulane -- she may have been a local person collaborating
     on the project based in New Orleans).  Not having information about Bost's
     thesis, it appears likely that Wheeler was Bost's preceptor for his MA and
     Borgstrom was Bost's preceptor for his PhD.
 - UConn does not include Bost
 - YorkU does not include Bost
Display: Ralph Walton Bost (1901-1951) (PhD 1928, North Carolina)
         [preceptor: Parry Borgstrom]

Bowditch, Nathaniel 
 - We (after McCarty) show: (nothing - Bowditch not included)
 - Mainz shows: Bowditch, Nathaniel|1773-1838|MA (honorary)|1802|Harvard|none
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Bowditch
 - Mathematics does not include: Bowditch
 - NDSU does not include Bowditch
 - SciWorld shows: "Bowditch, Nathaniel (1773-1838)  American astronomer and
     mathematician who, while translating Laplace's M?canique c?leste, stated "I
     never came across one of Laplace's `Thus it plainly appears' without
     feeling sure that I have hours of hard work before me to fill up the chasm
     and find and show how it plainly appears" (Boyce and DiPrima 1986, p. 10)."
 - UConn does not include Bowditch
 - UMass shows: Bowditch, Nathaniel|MA (honorary)|Harvard|1802|(no preceptor
 - YorkU does not include Bowditch
Display: Nathaniel Bowditch (1773-1838) (MA(Hon) 1802, Harvard)
         [preceptor: ]

Bowen, Edmund John
 - We (after McCarty) show: E. J. Bowen (____-____) ( ) Hartley
 - Mainz does not include Bowen
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Bowen
 - Mathematics does not include: Bowen, E
 - NDSU shows: Edmund John Bowen|DSc|Oxford|1947|H. B. Hartley
 - OpenU shows: Bowen, Edmund John|1898-1980|DSc|1947|Oxford|
     worked with: (not stated)
     also: ...MA|1922|Oxford|worked with: (not stated)
 - UConn does not include Bowen
 - USF shows: E. J. Bowen|Oxford|1923|Hartley
 - YorkU does not include Bowen
Display: Edmund John Bowen (1898-1980) (DSc 1947, Oxford)
         [preceptor: Harold Brewer Hartley]

Bowie, John Hamilton
 - Aust. J. Chem. (2003), 56, 343-348 by Richard A. J. O'Hair shows:
     "John Hamilton Bowie" .. "sixty-fifth birthday on July 16, 2003"
     implying JHB was born in 1938.  
     "Professor Alan W. Johnson" .. "at Nottingham" .. "do a PhD with
     him" .. "Upon graduation, you had two post-doctoral offers.  You
     accepted an ICI fellowship with Lord Todd in Cambridge in 1964"
     implying JHB received PhD in 1964 (or 1963?) with Alan W. Johnson
     at Nottingham.
Display: John Hamilton Bowie (1938-    ) (PhD 1964, Nottingham)
         [preceptor: Alan W. Johnson]

Boyd, George E
 - McCarty (1969) shows: G. Boyd|1911-    |W. D. Harkins
 - We (after McCarty) show: G. Boyd (1911-____) ( ) Harkins
 - Mainz does not include Boyd
 - DisAbs shows: Boyd, George E.|PhD|1938|U Chicago|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Boyd, G
 - NDSU does not include Boyd
 - UConn does not include Boyd
 - US Social Security Death Index shows: George Boyd|born: 28 Nov 1911|
     died: May 1985|death residence: 61605 Peoria, Peoria, Illinois
 - YorkU does not include Boyd, George

Display: George E Boyd (1911-____) (PhD 1938, Chicago)
         [preceptor: William Draper Harkins]

Boylan, David R 
 - We (after McCarty) show: (nothing - Boylan not included)
 - Mainz does not include Boylan
 - Biography and Genealogy Master Index shows: "Boylan, David R. (1922-)" and 6 citations,
     "Boylan, David Ray (1922-)" and 19 citations,
     "Boylan, David Ray, Jr. (1922-)" and 1 citation.
 - DisAbs shows: Boylan, David R.|PhD|1952|Iowa State U|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Boylan, D
 - NDSU does not include Boylan
 - UConn does not include Boylan
 - YorkU does not include Boylan
Display: David R Boylan (____-____) (PhD 1952, Iowa State)
         [preceptor: Grover L Bridger]

Bredig, Georg
 - McCarty (1969) shows: G. Bredig|1868-1944|W. Ostwald
 - We (after McCarty) show: G. Bredig (1868-1944) ( ) Ostwald
 - Mainz shows: Bredig, Georg|1868-1944|PhD|1894|Leipzig|Ostwald
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Bredig
 - Mathematics does not include: Bredig
 - NDSU does not include Bredig
 - UConn does not include Bredig
 - UMass shows: Bredig, George|Liepzig|1894|Ostwald
 - YorkU does not include Bredig
Display: Georg Bredig (1868-1944) (PhD 1894, Liepzig)
         [preceptor: Friedrich Wilhelm Ostwald]

Breslow, Ronald Charles David 
   [Grubbs, Stille, Wulff]
 - We (after McCarty) show: (nothing - Breslow not included)
 - Mainz shows: Breslow, Ronald Charles David|1931-    |PhD|1955|Harvard|
 - DisAbs shows: Breslow, Ronald Charles David|PhD|1956|Harvard U|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Breslow, R
 - NDSU shows: Ronald Charles David Breslow|PhD|Harvard|1955|Woodward
 - UConn shows: Breslow, Ronald (1931-    ; USA) [Harvard; with Woodward]
 - YorkU does not include Breslow
Display: Ronald Charles David Breslow (1931-____) (PhD 1955, Harvard)
         [preceptor: Robert Burns Woodward]

Bretschneider, Hermann
 - We (after McCarty) show: H. Bretschneider (1905-1985) ( ) Wegscheider
 - Stein found [genealogy box] that Bretschneider's preceptor was Spaeth
 - Mainz shows: Bretschneider, Hermann|1905-1985|PhD|1928|Vienna|Spaeth 
     NOTE: Spaeth was a student of R. F. Wegscheider
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Bretschneider
 - Mathematics does not include: Bretschneider, H
 - NDSU does not include Bretschneider
 - UConn does not include Bretschneider
 - YorkU does not include Bretschneider
Display: Hermann Bretschneider (1905-1985) (PhD 1928, Vienna)
         [preceptor: Ernst Spaeth]

Bridger, Grover Leon
 - We (after McCarty) show: (nothing - Bridger not included)
 - Mainz does not include Bridger
 - Biography and Genealogy Master Index shows: "Bridger, Grover Leon (1911-)"
     and 3 citations, "Bridger, Grover Leon (1911-1978)" and 1 citation.
 - DisAbs shows: Bridger, Grover L.|PhD|1939|Iowa State U|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Iowa State U Chemical Engineering Department history web page (at the URL includes: "Other contributory
     heads came along including Dr. Charles A. Mann, who was instrumental in
     setting up new laboratories for the department; Dr. Grover Leon Bridger, an
     excellent teacher and researcher; Dr. Morton Smutz, who increased the
     budget substantially to add new equipment and additional staff; Dr. George
     Burnet; Dr. Maurice Larson; Dr. R. C. Seagrave; and Dr. Terry King."  The
     time frame is following Dr. Orland R. Sweeney who began in 1920.  
 - Mathematics does not include: Bridger, G
 - NDSU does not include Bridger
 - UConn does not include Bridger
 - US Social Security Death Index shows: Grover Bridger|born: 11 Jul 1911|
     died: Nov 1978|SSN issued: Iowa|death residence: 30342 Atlanta, Georgia
 - YorkU does not include Bridger
Display: Grover Leon Bridger (1911-1978) (PhD 1939, Iowa State)
         [preceptor: ]

Bridgman, Percy Williams 
   [Garrett, Harrison]
 - We (after McCarty) show: P. W. Bridgman (1882-1961) ( ) Sabine
 - Mainz shows: Bridgman, Percy Williams|1882-1961|PhD (physics)|1908|Harvard|
 - DisAbs shows: Bridgman, Percy Williams|PhD|1908|Harvard U|
     Physics, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Bridgman, P
 - NDSU does not include Bridgman
 - NotreD-Physics shows: Percy Williams Bridgman|Harvard||1908|Wallace Clement
     Ware Sabine
 - UConn does not include Bridgman
 - UMass shows: Bridgman, Percy Williams|Harvard|1908|Sabine
 - YorkU does not include Bridgman
Display: Percy Williams Bridgman (1882-1961) (PhD - Physics 1908, Harvard)
         [preceptor: Wallace Clement Sabine]

Briscoe, H. V. A.
**   [?]
 - We (after McCarty) show: (nothing - Briscoe not included)
 - Mainz shows: Briscoe, Henry Vincent Aird|1888-1961|AB|1909|London|
     Thorpe, E. E.
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Briscoe
 - Mathematics does not include: Briscoe
 - NDSU shows: Henry Vincent Aird Briscoe|AB|London|1909|T. E. Thorpe
 - OpenU shows: Briscoe, Henry Vincent|1888-1961|BSc|1909|London U|
     worked with: (not stated)
     also: ...MSc|____|Durham U|worked with: (not stated)
     also: ...DSc|1915|London U|worked with: (not stated)
 - UConn does not include Briscoe
 - UMass shows: Briscoe, Henry Vincent Aird|London|1909|T. E. Thorpe
 - YorkU does not include Briscoe

Brockway, Lawrence O
 - McCarty (1969) shows: L. Brockway|1907-    |L. Pauling
 - We (after McCarty) show: L. Brockway (1907-____) ( ) Pauling
 - Mainz does not include Brockway
 - Biography and Genealogy Master Index shows: Brockway, Lawrence O (1907-)" and 1 citation,
     "Brockway, Lawrence Olin (1907-)" and 5 citations,
     "Brockway, Lawrence Olin (1907-1979)" and 1 citation.
 - DisAbs shows: Brockway, L. O.|PhD|1933|California Institute of Technology|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Brockway
 - NDSU does not include Brockway
 - UConn does not include Brockway
 - US Social Security Death Index shows: Lawrence Brockway|born: 23 Sep 1907|
     died: Nov 1979|death residence: 48103 Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, Michigan
 - YorkU does not include Brockway
Display: Lawrence O Brockway (1907-____) (PhD 1933, Caltech)
         [preceptor: Linus Carl Pauling]

Broderick, Joan Blanchette
   [J Broderick]
 - We (after McCarty) show: Joan B Broderick (1965-____) (PhD 1992, Northwestern
     U) (MSU 1998-____) (none)
 - Stein received 11/30/01 an email from J Broderick which stated her preceptor
     was O'Halloran
 - verified: Joan Blanchette Broderick (1965-____) (PhD 1992, Northwestern)
     (MSU 1998-____) [preceptor: Thomas Vincent O'Halloran]
 - Mainz does not include Broderick
 - DisAbs shows: Broderick, Joan Blanchette|PhD|1992|Northwestern U|
     Advisor: Thomas V. O'Halloran|Chemistry, Inorganic; 
     Chemistry, Biochemistry|(title)|(abstract)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Broderick
 - MSU Chemistry newsletter (November 2001) includes obtaining PhD in
     bioinorganic chemistry with Tom O'Halloran at Northwestern U (1992?).
 - NDSU does not include Broderick
 - UConn does not include Broderick
 - YorkU does not include Broderick
Display: Joan Blanchette Broderick (1965-____) (PhD 1992, Northwestern) (MSU 1998-____)
         [preceptor: Thomas Vincent O'Halloran]

Broderick, William E 
   [W Broderick]
 - We (after McCarty) show: William E Broderick (____-____) (PhD ____, ) (MSU
     ____-____) (none)
 - Talk 11Apr02 with Donald L. Ward told William E. Broderick's lineage: 
     WEB received his PhD at Washington State U from Ivan Legg;
     Ivan Legg received his PhD at U Michigan from Dean Cook;
     Dean Cook received his PhD at Illinois from John Bailar; etc.
 - Mainz does not include Broderick
 - DisAbs shows: Broderick, William E.|PhD|1986|Washington State U|
     Chemistry, Inorganic|(title)|(abstract)
 - Mathematics does not include: Broderick
 - MSU Chemistry newsletter (November 2001) includes receiving a PhD with
     J. Ivan Legg at Washington State U.
 - NDSU does not include Broderick
 - UConn does not include Broderick
 - YorkU does not include Broderick
Display: William E Broderick (1957-____) (PhD ____, Washington State) (MSU 1998-____)
         [preceptor: J. Ivan Legg]

Brodie, Benjamin Collins
   [Averill, J Broderick, Coskran, Kanatzidis, Khan, Odom, Pinnavaia]
 - McCarty (1969) shows: B. Brodie|1817-1880|R. Bunsen
 - We (after McCarty) show: B. Brodie (1817-1880) ( ) Bunsen
 - Mainz shows: Brodie, Benjamin Collins|1817-1880|PhD|1849|Giessen|Liebig
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Brodie
 - Mathematics does not include: Brodie, B
 - NDSU shows: Sir Benjamin Collins Brodie, Jr.|PhD|Giessen|1849|Liebig
 - OpenU shows: Brodie, Benjamin Collins, Sir|1817-1887|MA|1842|Oxford|
     worked with: (not stated)
     also: Qual|____|Giessen U|worked with: Liebig
 - SciWorld shows: Brodie, Benjamin (1817-1880)  [under construction]  Proposed
     a chemical symbolism in which the laws of chemical combination was
     independent of an atomistic interpretation."
 - UConn does not include Brodie
 - USF shows: Benjamin C. Brodie|Giessen|1845|Liebig
 - USF shows: B. C. Brodie|Giessen|1843|Liebig
 - YorkU does not include Brodie
question: preceptor? Bunsen or Liebig?
Display: Benjamin Collins Brodie, Jr (1817-1880) (PhD 1849, Giessen)
         [preceptor: ]

Brown, A. C.
**   [?]
 - McCarty (1969) shows: A. C. Brown|1858-1922|R. Bunsen
 - We (after McCarty) show: A. C. Brown ( ) ( ) Bunsen
 - Mainz does not include Brown, A. C.
** - DisAbs
 - Mathematics does not include: Brown, A. C.
 - NDSU does not include A. C. Brown
 - OpenU shows: Brown, Alexander Crum|1838-1922|MA|1858|Edinburgh U|
     worked with: (not stated)
     also: ...BSc|1860|London U|worked with: (not stated)
     also: ...MD|1861|Edinburgh U|worked with: (not stated)
     also: ...DSc|1862|London U|worked with: (not stated)
     also: qual|1863|Marburg U|worked with Kolbe
     also: qual|1863|Heidelberg U|worked with Bunsen
 - UConn does not include Brown, A. 
 - YorkU does not include Brown, A.

Brown, Herbert Charles 
 - We (after McCarty) show: H. C. Brown (1912-____) ( ) Schlesinger
 - Mainz shows: Brown, Herbert Charles|1912-    |PhD|1938|Chicago|Schlesinger
 - DisAbs shows: Brown, Herbert C.|PhD|1939|U Chicago|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Brown, Herbert C.
 - NDSU does not include Brown, H
 - NotreD shows: Herbert Charles Brown||Chicago|1938|Hermann Irving Schlesinger
 - Purdue U web page about the "Herbert C. Brown Lectures" at the URL  contains "... his choice of
     H. I. Schlesinger as his research advisor at the University of Chicago."
 - UConn shows: Brown, Herbert C. (1912-    ; USA) [Chicago; with Schlesinger]
 - UMass shows: Brown, Herbert Charles|Chicago|1938|Schlesinger
 - YorkU shows: Brown, Herbert Charles|H. I. Schlesinger|1938|Chicago
Display: Herbert Charles Brown (1912-____) (PhD 1939, Chicago)
         [preceptor: Hermann Irving Schlesinger ]

Browne, Arthur Wesley
   [Burow, Dutton, Hammer]
 - McCarty (1969) shows: A. W. Browne|1877-1945|L. M. Dennis
 - We (after McCarty) show: A. W. Browne (1877-1945) ( ) Dennis
 - Mainz shows: Browne, Arthur Wesley|1877-1945|PhD|1903|Cornell|Dennis
 - DisAbs shows: Browne, Arthur Wesley|PhD|1903|Cornell U|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Browne, A.
 - NDSU shows: Arthur Wesley Brown|PhD|Cornell|1903|Dennis
     NOTE: typo on Browne's last name?
 - UConn does not include Browne
 - UMass shows: Browne, Arthur Wesley|Cornell|1903|Dennis
 - USF shows: A. W. Browne|Cornell|1903|Dennis
 - YorkU does not include Browne
Display: Arthur Wesley Browne (1877-1945) (PhD 1903, Cornell)
         [preceptor: Louis Munroe Dennis]

Brubaker, Carl Hess Jr
   [Brubaker, Hoeschele]
 - McCarty (1969) shows: Brubaker|M.I.T.|R. C. Young
 - We (after McCarty) show: Carl H Brubaker, Jr (1925-____) (PhD 1952, MIT) 
     (MSU ____-____) Young
 - Mainz shows: Brubaker, Carl H., Jr.|1925-1992|PhD|1952|MIT|Young, R.
 - DisAbs shows: Brubaker, Carl H., Jr.|PhD|1952|Mass Institute of Technology|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Brubaker, C
 - NDSU does not include Brubaker
 - NotreD shows: Carl Hess Brubaker, Jr||MIT|1952|Ralph Chillingworth Young
 - UConn does not include Brubaker
 - YorkU does not include Brubaker
Display: Carl Hess Brubaker, Jr (1925-1992) (PhD 1952, MIT) (MSU 1952-1992)
         [preceptor: Ralph Chillingworth Young]

Brudvig, Gary Wayne 
 - We (after McCarty) show: (nothing - Brudvig not included)
 - Mainz does not include Brudvig
 - Biography and Genealogy Master Index shows: "Brudvig, Gary Wayne (1954-)"
     and 3 citations.
 - DisAbs shows: Brudvig, Gary Wayne|PhD|1981|Calif Institute of Technology|
     Chemistry, Biochemistry|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Brudvig
 - NDSU does not include Brudvig
 - UConn does not include Brudvig
 - UMass shows: Brudvig, Gary W.|CalTech|1981|Chan
 - YorkU does not include Brudvig
Display: Gary Wayne Brudvig (1954-____) (PhD 1981, Caltech)
         [preceptor: Sunney Chkong-Him Ignatius Chan]

Bruening, Merlin L 
 - We (after McCarty) show: Merlin L Bruening (1964-____) (PhD 1995, Weizman
     Institute) (MSU ____-____) Shanzer
 - Mainz does not include Bruening
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Bruening
 - Mathematics does not include: Bruening, M
 - NDSU does not include Bruening
 - UConn does not include Bruening
 - YorkU does not include Bruening

Display: Merlin L Bruening (1964-____) (PhD 1995, Weizman Institute) (MSU 1997-____)
         [preceptor: Abraham Shanzer]

Bucher, John Emery 
 - We (after McCarty) show: J. E. Bucher (1872-1943) ( ) Morse
 - Mainz shows: Bucher, John Emery|1872-1943|PhD|1894|Johns Hopkins|Morse, H.
 - DisAbs shows: Bucher, John Emery|PhD|1894|Johns Hopkins U|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Bucher, J
 - NDSU does not include Bucher
 - UConn does not include Bucher
 - YorkU does not include Bucher
Display: John Emery Bucher (1872-1943) (PhD 1894, John Hopkins)
         [preceptor: Harmon Northrup Morse]

Buckingham, Amyand David 
   [K Hunt]
 - We (after McCarty) show: A. D. Buckingham (1930-____) ( ) Pople
 - Mainz does not include Buckingham
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Buckingham
 - Mathematics does not include: Buckingham, A
 - Molecular Physics (1996), 87(4), 711-24 includes: "Buckingham, Amyand David.
     David Buckingham was born on 28 January 1930 in Sydney, Australia....
     1953-55 Shell Postgraduate Scholar at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.
     Research in theoretical chemistry under Dr J. A. Pople, FRS; graduated
     Ph.D. in 1956"
 - NDSU does not include Buckingham
 - SciFinder shows: 401 publications 1952-2003
 - UConn does not include Buckingham
 - YorkU does not include Buckingham
Display: Amyand David Buckingham (1930-____) (PhD 1956, Cambridge)
         [preceptor: John Anthony Pople]

Bucquet, Jean Baptiste Michel 
   [Armstrong, Averill, Babcock, J J Broderick, Burow, Cohn, Coskran, Crouch,
   Dutton, Dye, Enke, Hammer, Hart, Kanatzidis, Khan, Maleczka, McCracken,
   Nocera, Odom, Pinnavaia, Popov, Reusch, Tepe, Timnick]
 - We (after McCarty) show: (nothing - Bucquet not included)
 - Mainz shows: Bucquet, Jean Baptiste Michel|1746-1780|MD|1770|Paris|Rouelle
     Mainz includes a "FOOTNOTE: While Lavoisier had no students per se, Bucquet
       and Lavoisier collaborated early in both their careers.  Lavoisier's
       ideas had a major impact on Bucquet and vice versa."
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Bucquet
 - Mathematics does not include: Bucquet
 - NDSU shows: Jean Baptiste Michel Bucquet|MD|Paris|1770|Roulle|Lavoiser
 - UConn does not include Bucquet
 - YorkU does not include Bucquet
Display: Jean Baptiste Michel Bucquet (1746-1780) (MD 1770, Paris)
         [preceptor: Antoine Laurent Lavoisie]

Bunsen, Robert Wilhelm Eberhard
   [Averill, Babcock, J Broderick, Burow, Cohn, Coskran, Dutton, Hammer,
   Kanatzidis, Khan, Maleczka, McCracken, Nocera, Odom, Pinnavaia]
 - McCarty (1969) shows: R. Bunsen|1811-1899|F. Stromeyer
 - We (after McCarty) show: R. Bunsen (1811-1899) ( ) Stromeyer
 - Mainz shows: Bunsen, Robert Wilhelm Eberhard|1811-1899|PhD|
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Bunsen
 - Mathematics does not include: Bunsen
 - NDSU shows: Robert Wilhelm Eberhard Bunsen|PhD|Gottingen|1830|Stromeyer
 - SciWorld shows: "Bunsen, Robert (1811-1899)  German chemist who was
     unfortunately an inept experimentalist. Despite this challenge, he
     performed experiments supporting the radical theory. He isolated a foul
     smelling compound which he named cacodyl oxide and a whole series of
     related compounds. Unfortunately, the substance also turned out to be
     highly explosive, and Bunsen accidentally blew up his lab and was laid up
     in bed for a long time. This put an end to his organic researches. He also
     perfected the Bunsen burner which had been invented by Faraday and
     developed the process of emission spectroscopy with heated elements with
 - UConn shows: Bunsen, Robert W. (1811-1899; Germany) [Marburg; ]
 - UMass shows: Bunsen, Robert Wilhelm Eberhand|Gottingen|1830|Stromeyer
 - USF shows: Robert Bunsen|Gottingen|1830|Stromeyer
 - YorkU shows: Bunsen, Robert Wilhelm Eberhard|Friedrich Stromeyer|1830|
 - YorkU shows: Bunsen, Robert Wilhelm|Friedrich Stromeyer|1830/3|Gottingen
Display: Robert Wilhelm Eberhard Bunsen (1811-1899) (PhD 1830, Gottingen)
         [preceptor: Friedrich Stromeyer]

Burcham, William Ernest 
 - We (after McCarty) show: (nothing - Burcham not included)
 - Cavendish-History-100 Years web page, at the URL mentions:
     "... The cyclotron ... gave it to another Cavendish man, Prof. William
     Burcham at Birmingham University ..." [this in the late 1950's]
 - NUCLEAR PHYSICS I class web pages, by Dr. R.F. Peletier at the URL: mention a book:
     "Burcham, W.E. and Jobes, M., Nuclear and Particle Physics, Harlow: Longman
     Scientific and Technical, 1995" [this gives the initials WEB, not WFB we
     were using]
 - The University of Adelaide Library web page about the papers of Sir Marcus
     Laurence Oliphant, at the URL mentions:
     "'The Cavendish high-voltage laboratory 1935-39' by W.E. Burcham 1999;"
 - The Royal Society of Canada shows for their UK-Canada Rutherford Lectures,
     at the URL: the entry:
     "1983 - Prof. W. E. Burcham, C.B.E., University of Birmingham"
 - A book list at URL:
     shows: "Author : Burcham, William Ernest;
              Title : Elements of nuclear physics
            Imprint : London : Longmans"
 - The Historical Manuscripts Commission (UK) shows as major accessions:
     "William Ernest Burcham, scientist: papers rel to Sir John Cockroft and the
     Cavendish Laboratory (BCHM)" at the URL: and
     "William Ernest Burcham, Professor of Physics at Birmingham University:
     papers rel to cyclotrons 1951-98" at the URL:
 - Mainz does not include Burcham
 - Biography and Genealogy Master Index shows: "Burcham, William Ernest (1913-)"
     and 30 citations.
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for Burcham, W
 - Mathematics does not include: Burcham, W
 - NDSU does not include Burcham
 - UConn does not include Burcham
 - YorkU does not include Burcham
Display: William Ernest Burcham (1913-____) ( ____, )
         [preceptor: Ernest Rutherford]

Burkin, Alfred Richard
 - We (after McCarty) show: (nothing - Burkin not included)
 - Mainz does not include Burkin
 - Biography and Genealogy Master Index shows: "Burkin, Alfred Richard (1923-)"
     and 2 citations.
 - DisAbs has no matching entry for: Burkin
 - Mathematics does not include: Burkin
 - NDSU does not include Burkin
 - SciFinder shows 84 publications 1947-1994 under the names of A R, Alfred R,
     A Richard, and Alfred Richard Burkin on similar subjects.  The 1947 paper
     dealt with ultra-rapid processing of photographic materials and the other
     papers (1950 on) dealt with extraction, metallurgy, inorganic complexes...
     Two papers (1950) with student R G Wilkins.  No papers with N K Adams, his
 - UConn does not include Burkin
 - YorkU does not include Burkin
Display: Alfred Richard Burkin (1923-____) (doctorate ____, Southampton)
         [preceptor: Neil Kensington Adam]

Burow, Duane Frueh
 - McCarty (1969) shows: Burow|Texas|J. Lagowski
 - We (after McCarty) show: Burow (____-____) (PhD ____, Texas) (MSU ____-____)
 - Mainz does not include Burow
 - DisAbs shows: Burow, Duane Frueh|PhD|1966|U Texas-Austin|
     Chemistry, Inorganic|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Burow
 - MSU Chemistry personnel files show: Burow: birth 1940, PhD 1966, start 1967,
     end 1969
 - NDSU does not include Burow
 - UConn does not include Burow
 - YorkU does not include Burow
Display: Duane Frueh Burow (1940-____) (PhD 1966, Texas) (MSU 1967-1969)
         [preceptor: Joseph John Lagowski]

Byerrum, Richard Uglow
 - We (after McCarty) show: Richard U Byerrum (1920-____) (PhD 1947, U Illinois)
     (MSU ____-____) Rose
 - Mainz does not include Byerrum
 - Biography and Genealogy Master Index shows: "Byerrum, Richard U (1920-)"
     and 1 citation, "Byerrum, Richard Uglow (1920-)" and 30 citations.
 - DisAbs shows: Byerrum, Richard U.|PhD|1947|U Illinois|
     Chemistry, General|(title)|
 - Mathematics does not include: Byerrum
 - MSU employment records show: Byerrum, Richard U MSU employment 01/01/47-07/01/91
 - NDSU does not include Byerrum
 - UConn does not include Byerrum
 - YorkU does not include Byerrum
Display: Richard Uglow Byerrum (1920-____) (PhD 1947, Illinois) (MSU 1947-1991)
         [preceptor: William Cumming Rose]
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