Individual Chemical Genealogy for

John J Pitha

This page shows the individual 'chemical genealogy' of, and lists the students who received their graduate degrees at MSU under the supervision of, Professor Pitha. Occasionally, students may have two, or even three, joint preceptors -- in these cases a note will appear on the student's line giving the name(s) of the other preceptor(s) in the form '<also: surname>' or '<also: surname1, surname2>'.

This page will always be a work in progress. Please let us know of any errors or omissions by e-mailing us at: . Unfortunately, we have not yet determined how to present this "ACSII art" rendition of the Chemical Genealogy in a generally accessible manner. We appologize and are open to, and welcome, your suggestions.

  John J Pitha (____-____) (PhD 1946, Polytechnic University) (MSU 1945-1951)
    +John Paul Olatta (MS 1952, MSU)  <also: Quill>
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