The McCusker Group

Our group is interested in the physical and photophysical properties of transition metal complexes. Our approach relies on a confluence of synthetic chemistry, a cornucopia of physical techniques ranging from magnetism to femtosecond time-resolved spectroscopy, and high-level theory. The simultaneous examination of chemical problems on all three of these fronts places us in a unique position to explore the physical chemistry of inorganic compounds.


Phillip Cassamento has officially joined the group! Welcome Phillip!
Dani's paper was just published in Chemical Society Reviews and it made the front cover! be sure to check it out using the links below or the links in our publications page.
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Monica is giving a poster presentation at the 252nd American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition in Philadelphia over her recent work on the role of solvent dynamics in the excited state evolution of a ruthenium polypyridyl compound.
Jennie and Chris are off to the Electron Donor-Acceptor Interactions Gordon Research Conference and Seminar in Newport Rhode Island. Chris will be giving a poster talk on several of the iron-based DSSCs he has been making, and Jennie will be giving a poster talk and presentation on her electron injection studies. Jim will also be there as a discussion leader.
Jim has been named Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). Click the link below to read the full story.

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