The McCusker Group

Our group is interested in the physical and photophysical properties of transition metal complexes. Our approach relies on a confluence of synthetic chemistry, a cornucopia of physical techniques ranging from magnetism to femtosecond time-resolved spectroscopy, and high-level theory. The simultaneous examination of chemical problems on all three of these fronts places us in a unique position to explore the physical chemistry of inorganic compounds.


The review article on using coherence to enhance functions in chemical and biophysical systems is now out in Nature. Check it out using the link below.
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Jon will be hosting Professor Kyle Lancaster from Cornell University for a Special Inorganic Seminar on Thursday February 9 at 4:10 pm in 136 of the chemistry building. The title of Professor Lancaster's talk will be "Mechanistic and Electronic Structural Insights into the Metallobiochemistry of Nitrification". Be sure to check it out.
Dani's new paper on her work with the MacMillan group is now out in Science! Check it out here.
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The most recent spectroscopy and synthesis group posters have been added to the website. Check them out on the Research page.

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