Prof. Jackson and his award winning students - Chun Ho Lam (Jason) and Michaelyn Lux
The Jackson Group-Spring 2015
Present and future(?) Nobel Laureates: Prof Robert H. Grubbs, Jason and Michaelyn after the MSU 2014 invited lecture: Design and Applications of Selective Olefin Metathesis Catalysts
Electrochemical Cells for Electrocatalytic Reactions
Mahlet, Souful, Gracielou and Jason at 2014 DEQ Greenup Conference at Michigan State University
Jason, Ph.D.; Latavia, B.S.; and PengChao, L.M. (lab machine!)

Welcome to the Jackson Research Group website!

Probing mechanisms and theory from molecular interactions to process design, Jackson group efforts range from fundamental...Nature, scope, and applications of hydridic-to-protonic hydrogen bonding, complexant design and synthesis for thermally robust alkalides and electrides, approaches to organic-based magnetic materials by self-assembly, "Green" catalytic pathways from renewables to useful “petro-” chemicals

Renewable Biofuel Production via Electrocatalytic Hydrogenation

    Considering impending petroleum shortages, the environmental costs of using fossil-based fuels, the limitations of the hydrogen-based approach for transport, and the irreplaceable nature and ever growing demand for hydrocarbons, there is a need to shift hydrocarbon production in the US, and ultimately worldwide, to a renewable source: Biomass.....Read More »

Hydridic Protonic Hydrogen Bonding

    In work started in summer of 1994, and primarily carried forward by summer high school students and undergraduates, we demonstrated an interaction between the electron pair of a B-H bond and a traditional H-X (X=N, O, Halogen) hydrogen bonding partner. Single crystal X-ray and neutron diffraction, solution spectroscopies (IR, NMR), and ab initio calculations all indicate...
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Lignin Dimer Synthesis and Model Study

    ECH can upgrade the bio-oil produced by pyrolysis of lignin by cleaving the linkages between lignin monounits, thus lowering down the viscosity, stabilizing bio-oil, and increase the energy density of bio-oil. More specifically, model molecules of lignin dimer with β-5, 5-5, β-β linkages....
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Perazacryptand as a Host for Hydride

    Amine N-H bonds are good candidates for hydrogen bonding with basic anions. In general, the complexing capacity of a moiety X-H in a hydrogen bond X-H…Y- (X, Y = electronegative atoms or groups) increases with the acidity of X-H, or more precisely, with the stability of the X- anion. However, for basic Y- partners, proton transfer from the donor X-H to the acceptor Y- limits the range of X-H partners to stabilize....Read More »

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