The Beck Laboratory

Professor Warren F. Beck

We are studying photophysical and photochemical processes in photosynthetic light-harvesting proteins and relevant model systems using femtosecond multidimensional spectroscopy. Our current focus is on carotenoid-containing proteins, including the peridinin–chlorophyll a protein from dinoflagellates and the orange carotenoid protein from cyanobacteria.


27 October 2015. New publication: Femtosecond heterodyne transient-grating studies of nonradiative decay of the S2 (11Bu+) state of β-carotene: Contributions from dark intermediates and double-quantum coherences.

Ghosh et al., J. Phys. Chem. B 2015, 119, 14905-14924.

1 January 2015. Installation of a new femtosecond laser system, consisting of a high-repetition rate Yb amplifier (Spectra-Physics Spirit), computer controlled noncollinear parametric amplifier (NOPA, Spectra-Physics Spirit-3H), and a pair of adaptive pulse shapers (Biophotonics Solutions FemtoJock and FemtoJockP). The system was obtained with funds provided by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies at Michigan State University.

1 September 2013. The Beck laboratory acknowledges new support from the DOE/BES Photosynthetic Systems program (award DE-SC0010847).

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