Chemistry 444 - Fall 2017


Course Content:  This course reviews the hazards that may be encountered in a research and high school chemistry laboratory.  Also covered will be administrative and engineering controls and personal protective equipment to prevent and control exposures to chemical hazards. 
Other topics covered will be hazardous waste management and spill response.

Instructor:  Dr. Ardeshir Azadnia, Safety Officer
Lecture:  Tuesday 1:50-2:40 PM
Rm. 136 Chemistry




   - Lectures 1 & 2, Chemical Safety

   - Lecture 3, Safety in an Industrial Laboratory

   - Lecture 4, Hazardous Waste Initial Training

   - Lecture 5, Fire Extinguisher Training

   - Lecture 6, Lab Facility Presentation

   - Lecture 7, Why Things Go Boom

   - Lecture 8, Biological Safety at MSU

   - Lecture 9, Standard Operating Procedures

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