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CEM 262
Quantitative Chemical Analysis
Fall 2015

Instructor: Thomas P. Carter, Ph.D.

Most of the resources included here are PDF files which require Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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CAPA Homework (Get your Lab Manual there, too)

Useful Tables and Values
(Use the values from here when doing your CAPA homework!)

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Syllabus Fall 2015

Course Calendar Fall 2015

Logarithms and Sig Figs Review


Exam 1 Study Guide

Error Analysis Handout Key

Acid-Salt-Base Handout Key

Buffer Solutions Handout Key


Exam 2 Study Guide

Titration Curve Calculations

Titration Analysis Worksheet Key (Acid)

Polyfunctional Acid/Base Titration Calculations

Polyprotic Worksheet Key (Acid)

Polyprotic Worksheet Key (Base)

Solubility Product Worksheet Key

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